Hyundai remixes BTS' hit ‘Yet To Come’ for GOTC campaign

hyundai x bts

Hyundai Motor Company announced that it has put its own spin on BTS’ “Yet To Come” and will use it as a campaign song for the Goal of the Century (GOTC) World Cup.


  • Where can fans listen to the Hyundai version of BTS’ “Yet To Come?”

    According to Hyundai, the remix version of “Yet To Come” will be released today in Spotify and Apple Music. A full music video will also be released on Hyundai’s official YouTube channel.
  • What changes did Hyundai make to the song?

    Hyundai added lines like “now the vision is clear, the Goal of the Century is here,”and “I know, together, we’ll make it better.”
  • The “Hyundai version” of the South Korean boy band’s hit music is set to be released today through streaming platforms Spotify and Apple Music, along with a full music video on Hyundai’s official YouTube channel.

    You can check a one-minute preview of the music video, here, as the full-length clip won’t be uploaded until 6 p.m. today. The preview visualizes the world that Hyundai wishes to create through the 2022 FIFA World Cup, expanding the solidarity of those united together in football to achieve the Goal of the Century.

    When the actual music video drops, it will depict Hyundai’s future aspiration to transform into a Smart Mobility Solution Provider by featuring Spot from Boston Dynamics, AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) flying into the skies of the city, and Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6 traveling throughout the city.

    The campaign song utilized the original lyrics and added lines such as “Now the vision is clear, the Goal of the Century is here.” Plus, the song is also filled with lyrics such as “I know, together, we’ll make it better” and “We’re gonna run till a new tomorrow” in hopes to create a better future together.

    hyundai goal of the century

    In an effort to spread the message further, Hyundai Motor will launch a TikTok challenge #TeamCentury12 on October 1 for global fans to enjoy via Hyundai’s official TikTok account (@Hyundai_worldwide). The #TeamCentury12 challenge illustrates the Goal of the Century’s solidarity message through a simple dance move that shows a shoulder-to-shoulder action.

    “As one of the most influential global artists in the world, BTS and their music greatly influence our society to develop in a positive direction. Through the World Cup campaign with BTS, we hope to create an opportunity for people all over the world to unite towards one goal of sustainability and cheer each other up,” said Hyundai Motor Company President and Chief Executive Jaehoon Chang.

    Hyundai also announced that Ella Mills, a renowned British food writer and founder of Deliciously Ella, and Alex Morgan, an American professional football player and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion, have joined as the 10th and 11th members of Team Century and plan to promote the campaign in their respective markets. Furthermore, Nicky Woo plans to hold a photo exhibition on the subject of sustainability at Hyundai Motorstudio during the World Cup as a part of a team member’s campaign activity. As such, a total of 11 Team Century members are actively taking part in the World Cup campaign in their respective fields.

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