Mercedes-Maybach reveals legacy car made in partnership with late Off-White CEO


Before the untimely passing of Off-White’s CEO Virgil Abloh, the late polymath artist, architect, creative director, fashion designer, and philanthropist, collaborated with Mercedes-Benz’s ultra-luxury sub-brand Mercedes-Maybach.


  • What is the Maybach by Virgil Abloh?

    The Maybach by Virgil Abloh is a fully equipped Mercedes‑Maybach S‑Class S680 that boasts a unique two-tone exterior with similarly designed interior.
  • How many Maybach by Virgil Ablohs will be produced?

    Only 150 units of the Maybach by Virgil Abloh will only be produced.
  • Abloh and Mercedes‑Benz Group AG Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener worked on a limited-edition bespoke S-Class as well as a capsule collection inspired by Project Maybach.

    “I’m incredibly proud of the work we have created in collaboration with Virgil. From Project Geländewagen, which set the benchmark for fashion/automotive collaborations with our iconic G‑Class, to Project Maybach which brought the distinguished Mercedes‑Maybach heritage into the future, together with Virgil we truly broke new ground. The limited-edition Maybach by Virgil Abloh exemplifies the symbiosis between innovative design and ultimate craftsmanship now available on the road,” said Wagener.

    The legacy car, dubbed the Maybach by Virgil Abloh, is a fully equipped Mercedes‑Maybach S‑Class S680 that boasts a unique two-tone exterior. The upper part features a glossy obsidian black finish while the lower part, side flanks, and special forged rims, are painted in a sand hue.


    Its interior mirrors the colors outside with the seats, steering wheel, doors, lower dashboard, and ceiling are lined in black and sand-colored Nappa leather, complete with sand-colored décor trims and strips.

    Exemplifying the Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand, as well as Abloh’s impeccable fashion sense, are high-pile floormats in black with a sand-colored leather border and embroidered Mercedes‑Maybach logo. Furthermore, a special Mercedes-Maybach and Virgil Abloh logo is inscribed on the piano black middle of the center console, rear cushions, head restraints, and door sill panel.

    The limited-edition Mercedes-Maybach is also fitted with a bespoke user interface, which presents the driver with an even more luxurious variation of the Maybach MBUX suite of cutting-edge technologies. Befitting the vehicle are hand-picked visual elements like a home button with a colored border and brand logo denoting the edition and profile pictures decorated with luxurious fashion accessories.

    Those aiming to add a piece of fashion and automotive history to their collection would also get a special custom-made wooden box covered in sand-colored Nappa leather emblazoned with the Mercedes‑Maybach and Virgil Abloh logo. Inside is a 1/18 scale replica of the limited-edition car, two car keys, and a carabiner hook. And oh! There’s also a special car cover featuring the Mercedes‑Maybach and Virgil Abloh logo.

    The Maybach by Virgil Abloh only has a limited run of 150 units. 

    “Teaming up with Virgil for Project Maybach was a unique and inspiring journey on Mercedes‑Benz’s idea of Zeitgeist, co-creation, and contemporary luxury. Developing purchasable elements to the collaboration with Virgil was key for both parties to moving the cooperation forward. The limited-edition Maybach by Virgil Abloh and the capsule collection create a truly exceptional customer experience and we are honored to present them,” said Mercedes‑Benz Communications and Marketing VP Bettina Fetzer.


    Abloh and the Off-White brand also designed the capsule collection, special-edition fashion pieces made in connection with Mercedes’ Project Maybach. The capsule collection ranges from sand-colored vintage washed cotton t-shirts, half-brushed cotton fleece crewnecks and hoodies, canvas baseball caps, and racing gloves.

    Photos from Mercedes-Benz

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