MPTC's ‘EnviroSafe Tour’ shows advanced, environment-friendly features of CALAX, MPTC South Hub

evirosafe tour

Metro Pacific Tollway Company (MPTC) staged the second leg of its “EnviroSafe Tour,” where the toll road firm showcased some of the advanced and environmentally friendly features of the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX) and the MPTC South Hub in Imus, Cavite.


  • When did MPTC conduct the second leg of its EnviroSafe Tour?

    The second leg of MPTC's EnviroSafe Tour was conducted today, July 28.
  • Where is the MPTC South Hub located?

    The MPTC South Hub is located in Imus, Cavite.
  • calax signage

    In a guided tour of the operational sections of CALAX, MPTC showed members of the motoring media some of the advanced features of the toll road starting with the “barrier-less entry” toll plazas.

    Per MPTC, CALAX is equipped with an Automatic License Plate Recognition System that allows vehicles to pass through the gates without having to come to a full stop. This technology allows MPTC’s system to identify a vehicle’s entry and exit point, providing an accurate calculation of one’s toll fee when one leaves the tollway.

    Other notable features offered by the state-of-the-art thoroughfare include the Weigh in Motion sensors and Speed Detection Cameras.

    calax emergency call box

    Should any untoward incident happen, toll users can use the emergency call boxes strategically located along the expressway. Aside from the emergency call boxes, motorists can also opt to call for assistance using CALAX 24/7 hotline 1-35000 or via the MPT DriveHub app.

    calax customer service center

    CALAX also has a customer service center that houses useful amenities such as an RFID reloading station, RFID installation services, an ATM machine, as well as a hot and a cold beverage vending machine.

    calax customer service deskcalax rfid loading stationcalax atmcalax vending machine

    However, what’s most impressive about the CALAX toll road is how it seamlessly blends nature into its design. Gearing up to be the greenest highway in the South, CALAX has all the existing toll plazas of its operational section fitted with solar panels. The road lamps, though not powered by green energy, use energy-efficient LEDs.

    They also have smoke-belching vehicle detectors on the way.

    The toll road’s commendable commitment to sustainability is furthered by its implementation of electric vehicles. We were told that there are two operational EV vans and one EV pickup truck that the company uses within the tollway.

    calax ev vancalax ev pickup

    When asked, MPTC reveals that there are plans to have EV charging stations within CALAX — most likely through gasoline stations that offer the said service.

    MPTC also opened the doors of its South Hub to attendees of the EnviroSafe Tour. Here, they highlighted the toll company’s dedication to going green.

    The MPTC South Hub has 1,184 units of solar panels, where the facility gets about 97 percent of its energy. Additionally, the roof deck of the building is fitted with water basins that supply MPTC’s home in Imus with enough water for its plants and comfort rooms.

    mptc south hub solar panels

    They also have an EV charging station on site.

    mptc south hub charging station

    Overall, we were told that the MPTC South Hub has generated nearly 400,000 kilowatt-hours of solar energy, offsetting around 300,000 kilograms of CO2.

    MPTC also held a press conference with the motoring media. It was attended by company execs including MPT South Manager Shareholder Neil V. Lacson, MPT South Toll Operations Head Arnold A. Babista, MPT South Operations Vice President Ella A. Fransisco, MPT South Tech Management AVP Art P. Ong, and MPT South Integrated Communications Manager Joan B. Miranda.

    CARMUDI PHILIPPINES asked MPTC if the abovementioned advanced and eco-friendly features we saw at CALAX are to be implemented on other toll roads owned by the company.

    Fransisco answered that there are plans to use these technologies on MPTC’s other expressways, like CAVITEX and the CAVITEX C5 Link. It will, however, be executed gradually. Implementation of the aforementioned technologies will have to be reviewed, evaluated, and ultimately, improved.

    Photos by Paulo Papa

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