Subaru Now Accepting Reservations for Next-Gen Subaru Forester--in Japan, At Least

Subaru has started accepting reservations for the all-new, fifth-generation Subaru Forester in its home market of Japan prior to its going on sale a few months from now. The next-generation Forester is a major departure from its predecessor because it isn't available with a turbocharged variant anymore. In its place is a 2.0-liter direct injection, naturally-aspirated, horizontally-opposed engine that's paired to what Subaru calls its lithium-ion, battery-powered "e-Boxer" electric motor for an output of 143 hp + 13 hp and 188 Nm of torque + 65 Nm. Together with the carmaker's SI-Drive, the combination of the gasoline engine and electric motor allows the Forester to accelerate faster than if it used a purely- gasoline-powered engine. Another engine option is a 2.5-liter mill that's supposedly more fuel efficient and has a more practical torque range and produces 181 hp and 239 Nm of torque. The all-new Forester has an X-Mode which controls the engine, transmission, and brakes when the vehicle goes off-road by improving rough road running performance by optimizing control. The X-Mode also has a setting that can easily switch between two modes according to the condition of the road which "brings further feeling of security to the driver." A first for Subaru with the all-new Forester is its driver-monitoring system. A special camera installed in the visor section of the multifunction display monitors the driver in support of safe driving. When it detects that the driver is starting to doze off, a warning indicator in the instrument panel and the multifunction display together with an audible alarm calls the attention of the driver and the vehicle's occupants. Other safety features included in the all-new Forester--at least for the Japanese market--are: its automatic braking system in reverse which not only alerts the drivers when it detects an obstacle as the vehicle is going backward but also automatically applies the brakes as well; a front view monitor which displays on the multifunction display the images captured by a camera in the front grille which not only helps prevent collisions with the vehicle in front at intersections with poor visibility but also serves as a parking aid; a side view monitor which displays on the multifunction display the images captured by a camera underneath the passenger-side door mirror which eliminates the blind spot and also assists the driver when parking; and a smart rear-view mirror which acts as a monitor for the camera attached inside the rear gate glass. Depending on the variant, the all-new Subaru Forester rides on either 17- or 18-inch wheels.

Subaru Forester


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