SWAT Mobility focuses on corporate transport to address traffic

SWAT Mobility focuses on corporate transport to address traffic

Employees who use their company’s in-house transport system enjoy a world of convenience over their public-commuting counterparts, but the method is far from perfect. Long wait times, irregular schedules, and erratic traffic conditions—these are just some of the common issues that employees have to endure when using corporate transport. Not to mention, some providers intentionally overload their vehicles in an attempt to save on costs, all at the expense of the employees’ comfort and convenience.

In the New Normal where there are fewer transport options and social distancing is paramount, these shortcomings just won’t do.

Singapore-based transport solutions firm SWAT Mobility aims to help companies solve these problems by providing demand-responsive smart mobility technology in high capacity vehicles. SWAT Mobility’s technology enables companies to digitize their employee transportation processes, enabling them to save time, manpower, and money.

“COVID-19 has accelerated the need to provide safe and efficient transport for essential on-site employees,” said Nicholas Stipp, Chief Revenue Officer at SWAT, who assured us that it is NOT an acronym. “With the current economic challenges, companies need to provide this transport as efficiently as possible.”

swat mobility

Just like its namesake, SWAT Mobility provides a swift and complete responses and solutions to problems at hand, allowing authorized company employees to book rides and plan routes almost immediately through an app. The way the system works is that it automates many manual tasks— including the planning of routes and tracking of vehicles, to name a few—so that employees can get to work promptly and safely, while also enduring less stress during the commute.

Through the SWAT Mobility app, authorized employees can book rides either on-demand or even at the same time each day for up to a month. An advanced AI also lets the app group passengers and assign vehicles according to route, while computing the most efficient route to take. This then eliminates the need to plan routes manually and ensures traffic is avoided as best as possible.

The SWAT Mobility app is also able to perform the following functions:

  • automatically collate requests through a smart-phone based app or employer bulk upload, eliminating the work of taking request through phone, email, Viber or WhatsApp
  • automatically generate full passenger manifests, including boarding and alighting time stamps, to satisfy Department of Transportation (DOTr) requirements on record-keeping and enabling instant contact tracing without any input from drivers
  • allow passengers to track vehicles in real-time, eliminating the need for transportation coordinators to chase down drivers

 “SWAT Mobility is happy to help organizations in the Philippines digitize their employee transportation processes while simultaneously contributing to the alleviation of traffic in Metro Manila,” Stipp added.

SWAT Mobility launched in the country in May, extending its high-volume vehicle booking services to frontliners and healthworkers from Philippine General Hospital. In cooperation with the Toyota Mobility Foundation, SWAT ferried critical medical workers to and from PGH safely and conveniently as part of the Free Ride for Health Workers initiative by the DOTr.

tmp shuttle

In July, SWAT began providing its SWATBiz app to KMC Solutions, a coworking and staff leasing service provider, to help their employees and clients book rides and navigate drivers to close-to-home pick-up points. Like the PGH project, this solution was delivered locally by SWAT’s partner Toyota Motor Philippines.

Photo/s from SWAT Mobility

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