Taycan helps push Porsche Q1 2022 sales

Taycan helps push Porsche Q1 2022 sales

Porsche Philippines said that the fully electric sports car Taycan helped propel the brand's global sales for the first quarter of 2022, saying that it is one of the brand’s most sought-after models.


  • How many Porsche Taycans were sold in the first three months of 2022?

    Porsche said that for the initial quarter of the year, 9,470 Taycan units were delivered to customers worldwide.
  • What is Porsche's sales goal for 2030?

    By 2030, the company is eyeing for more than 80 percent of its overall global deliveries will come from fully electric models.
  • In a statement, the Porsche’s local arm said that the nameplate has sold 9,470 Taycan units to customers around the world. The sales performance is 4.4 percent higher compared to the same period last year.

    Porsche Philippines also shared that the 41,296 examples of the Taycan were rolled out in the full 12 months of 2021, which is more than double the figure of the 2020 output. “Last year, nearly 40 percent of all-new Porsche vehicles delivered in Europe were partly electric (like plug-in hybrids) or were fully electric models,” the company noted.

    The Stuttgart-based automaker is expecting that half of all new Porsche sales worldwide will come from electrified models by 2025 and by 2030, more than 80 percent of its total global deliveries  are to be from fully-electric offerings.  

    Porsche Taycan

    Further, it is eyeing to be carbon neutral by 2030.

    For such goals to be realized, Porsche Philippines said that the sport car producer — together with partners — is “investing in premium charging stations, as well as in its own charging infrastructure.”

    “Further extensive investments are flowing into core technologies such as battery systems and module production. The company is also currently developing and producing high-performance battery cells that are expected to be ready for series production by 2024,” Porsche’s distributor in the country mentioned.

    “Porsche is continuously reviewing every aspect of its electrification strategy. One of its milestones last year was the roll out of the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, a fully electric model with rugged versatility that has been designed as the brand’s first production model to be a balance-sheet carbon-neutral over its entire service life,” it added.

    Porsche Taycan

    Last year, Porsche achieved another milestone in 2021 when its manufacturing sites in Zuffenhausen, Weissach and Leipzig achieved balance-sheet carbon-neutral status. Aside from that, the company also started requiring its approximately 1,300 series suppliers to use renewable energy for all contracts which were newly awarded beginning July 2021.

    Adding to its electromobility initiatives, the company is developing and making use of synthetic fuel (eFuels), which can potentially be almost entirely carbon-neutral, and which lends itself well to vehicles with internal combustion engines. The company has already initiated the construction of an eFuels pilot plant in Chile.

    Locally, Porsche Philippines launched the “FutureNow” program. “Additional spending has also been earmarked on the acquisition of manufacturer-approved equipment, tools and software, as well as an inventory of genuine parts,” the local arm boasted.

    Since 2020 up to the present, Porsche Philippines continues to offer the Taycan model.

    Photos from Porsche Philippines

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