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Top 4 Most Popular Isuzu Cars: Fuel Efficiency and Price Rates

Isuzu boasts of the longest history compared to any other Japanese car maker, with more than a century’s worth of experience to back it up. It has remained a consistent top-performer when it comes to commercial cars and diesel engines, making it the leading assembler and seller of commercial vehicles and trucks in the Philippines.

In fact, Isuzu is so confident of its vehicles that it’s a consistent front-runner in many fuel economy and actual drive-runs in the Philippines. Its most recent accomplishment was the July 2016 Fuel Economy Run organized by the Department of Energy (DOE) and Petron Corporation, with Isuzu D-Max emerging the top winner among 70 vehicle models from 21 different car manufacturers in the Philippines.

We are giving you four of the most popular models ranked from the lowest to the highest in fuel efficiency ratings. You can also check out our updated 2018 Most Popular Cars Isuzu list here.

4. Isuzu N-Series: 9.02 km/l to 14.81 km/l (starts from ₱ 963,000)

  • NPR: 9.02 km/l

  • NQR: 9.16 km/l

  • NKR: 13.37 km/l

  • NHR: 14.81 km/l

White Isuzu NKR

This medium-truck series has been here since 1959, and doesn’t have any plans of going soon. Isuzu’s N-Series (or Isuzu Elf) has been a consistent top-seller in the country for many years, and was recently ranked as Isuzu’s fourth top-seller by CAMPI and TMI.

These trucks have good fuel efficiency, excellent versatility and durability compared to others in its class, making it the number one choice of most businesses and entrepreneurs today.

The N-Series also brings in more safety, comfort and performance to Isuzu’s top-selling light trucks line-up. And it offers more diverse applications — from construction to deliveries, trade, and even road freight. It uses a 4HG1-T Turbo engine for its NPR, NKR and NQR models, while its NHR variant uses a 4JB1-TC engine.

To help you decipher those alphabet jargon in each models, note that the second letter denotes weight rating, with H and K being used for the regular cab, M for the High Cab, and P, Q, and R for the Wide Cab model. The third letter denotes drive train layout; an R means rear-wheel drive, while S signifies four-wheel drive.*

Isuzu N-Series Price List

3. Isuzu Crosswind: 20.76 km/l (starts from ₱ 790,000)

White Isuzu Crosswind

The Isuzu Crosswind is a popular choice of many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) because it’s simple, family-friendly, and easy to maintain. And it’s also a go-to car for taxi drivers who want a durable car to help them earn their living on the road.

The oldest running Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV) in the Philippine market, the Isuzu Crosswind was Isuzu’s best-selling commercial vehicle in 2003, and has evolved over the years to cater to a much broader market.

The Isuzu Sportivo and XUV variants now lean toward those who are into SUVs, while the XT models are more for those who love family-friendly vehicles. All variants come with a 4JA-1L Direct Diesel Injected Turbocharged engine.

Despite the changes, the Crosswind still maintains it hunky, masculine design — with a more improved entertainment system to boot. And it’s still highly-versatile. You can use the Crosswind to load up your business cargo or deliveries without affecting its performance, and once your work is done, then you can use it to take your family for that much needed bonding and relaxation.

Isuzu Crosswind Price List

2. Isuzu mu-X: 25.53 km/l (starts from ₱ 1,518,000)

The Isuzu mu-X is the second bestselling model in the Isuzu lineup, and has gained a lot of followers for its rugged durability over the years. Ranked number 10 on our best diesel cars list, this car has gained a couple of awards already, such as:

  • 2016 Best Value for Money – Mid-size SUV (Auto Focus Media’s Choice Awards)
  • 2015 Best Value for Money – Mid-size SUV (Auto Focus Media’s Choice Awards)
  • 2014 Best Mid-size SUV of the Year (CAGI)

Roomy and comfortable, the mu-X offers excellent space and storage to place all your things everywhere. This utility vehicle has a lot of headroom and interior space for you to limber up, stretch out your legs, and just get loose from time to time.

This sporty seven-seater also offers a safe and sturdy ride in whatever terrain you’re in. Its robust 3.0 4JJ1-TC (HI) Variable Geometry System (VGS ) Turbo Diesel Engine offers 163 PS / 380 N-m, making it one of the most fuel-efficient and clean off-roaders in its class.

Isuzu mu-X Price List

1. Isuzu D-Max: 38.46 km/l (starts from ₱ 1,290,000)

White Isuzu D-Max

This car is the number one on our list of best diesel cars for 2016 — and it’s well-deserved. Aside from this, Isuzu D-Max has been awarded the following:

  • 2016 Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicle (DOE and Petron)
  • 2016 Top-Selling Model for Isuzu, February 2017 (CAMPI and TMI)
  • 2016 Best Value for Money – Pickup (Auto Focus Media’s Choice Awards)
  • 2016 Car of the Year (Car Awards Group, Inc. / CAGI )
  • 2016 Best 2WD pick-up (Car Awards Group, Inc. / CAGI )
  • 2015 Best Value for Money – Pickup (Auto Focus Media’s Choice Awards)
  • 2013 Car of the Year (Car Awards Group, Inc. / CAGI )
  • 2011 Best on Board Entertainment Set-Up (Auto Focus Media’s Choice Awards)

So as you can see, we’re not the only ones who can recognize this car’s excellent performance on the road.

Extremely rugged, reliable, and easy to drive, the Isuzu D-Max’s good visibility allows you to slither your way out of tight spots — and it doesn’t matter whether you’re driving on- or off- road. From rocky terrain to city driving, this car easily shifts gears that only an excellent, well-bred pickup can truly deliver.

The D-Max offers good steering and pedal response, and a good torque that pushes early with little exertion. Its sturdy structure can withstand concrete and average-sized rocks without whining, and its safety and tech features are above-average in scope.

The D-Max’s 3.0 Liter Variable Geometry System Turbocharger (VGS) engine offers 163 PS maximum power of up to 380 Nm of torque at low RPMs. And of course, we don’t have to discuss its fuel-efficiency rate — which is the best one there is right now.

Isuzu D-Max Price List


*Taken from Wikipedia

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