Waze, DoT Partner to Boost Tourism in PH

Navigational app Waze has recently partnered with the Department of Tourism (DOT) in their bid to promote the cultural and natural wonders of the Philippines.

The partnership gave birth to the launch of the “100 Days in the Philippines” campaign.

The said program is to spread awareness and appreciation for the tourist destinations, local traditions and cuisines showcased through interactive Waze zero-speed takeovers.

When traffic arises, Wazers will have the opportunity to learn more about the various scenic spots in the county and discover heartwarming local traditions.

Wazers will also be able to explore and experience each of the intriguing wonders, one place at a time through zero-speed takeovers containing over 100 images of the must-see tourist destinations along with the location details.

Similar to a digital billboard, all of the information will appear when drivers are at a complete stop.

Sarah Rodriguez, Country Manager of Waze Philippines is elated over the partnership with the tourism department.

“We are excited to be able to partner with DOT to inspire our drivers to explore the unique and diverse wonders of the Philippines,” she said.

“Through this partnership we hope to see more Filipinos taking trips of wonder, especially during this holiday season, " she added.

Meanwhile, Tourism Assistant Secretary Howie Uyking shared Rodriguez' sentiments over the newly-forged partnership.

“The Philippines has garnered a lot of international travel awards and accolades this year. It's the best time to experience what our country has to offer." Uyking noted.

"Our collaboration with Waze will enable us to reach more Filipinos and inspire them to travel within the country more often."

Known as the bayanihan of its community, Waze helps over 3 million monthly active drivers in the Philippines to navigate through extreme traffic conditions and provide ease as they get to their destinations.

The “100 Days in the Philippines” zero-speed takeover ads will be available on the Waze app started since December 18 today until March 31, 2020.


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