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Audi A1 Sportback

I always dreamt of owning a luxury car, but given the price was too much to afford. But with Audi, things were different. It’s been a year I already own an Audi, an affordable one, the A1 Sportback. I should mention, despite being lower priced in general Audi sense, the A1 Sportback does retain its luxury characteristics. I have driven bigger Audis before and this A1 seems exactly the same. The features and comfort for the cabin, the plush suspension, and the feel that you get from the steering are the same. It also packs in a small 1.4L engine with 122 hp power, and I feel that adds a little mileage advantage too.


Diego Saturday Feb 12, 2022 07:32:23

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Based on 13 Customer Reviews
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