1st Isuzu N-Series Smoother owner is QC-based lighting supplier

1st Isuzu N-Series Smoother owner is QC-based lighting supplier

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) announced that it has delivered the N-Series Smoother to its first owner locally.


  • Who is the first owner locally of the Isuzu N-Series Smoother.

    The first N-Series Smoother unit belongs to Kimwealth Infinity Marketing Corporation.
  • Where did they get their unit?

    The company bought the unit at Isuzu Quezon Avenue dealership.
  • Together with Inteco President Raymond Jarina and Isuzu Quezon Avenue Branch Manager Ranvin JarinaIPC President Hajime Koso personally handed over the keys to Kimwealth Infinity Marketing Corporation Vice President Minelli Ong.

    Ong shared that since their business (lighting fixtures and other electrical devices supplier based in Congressional Avenue, Quezon City) is expanding, their company is in need of a reliable truck to ensure the timely delivery of products.

    Asked for the reason for picking the automatic transmission version of the N-Series commercial vehicle, Ong answered, “The concept of driving like AT, efficient like MT convinced us to buy the N-Series Smoother.”

    “With various benefits of reduced lifecycle and maintenance costs, improved fuel efficiency, and less driving fatigue for safety will contribute a lot towards the cost-effectiveness of our company,” she added.

    IPC delivers N-Series Smoother to Kimwealth


    During the dealer visit, the Isuzu Quezon Avenue manager helped Ong decide what vehicle would best help their enterprise.

    “With their countless daily deliveries and considering traffic inside and outside Metro Manila, the Isuzu N-Series Smoother is ideal since it is easy to drive, economical, and safe,” he narrated.

    “It is because of its Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) technology, an innovative intelligent gearshift system. It operates without the clutch pedal and achieves automatic shift change by computer control. This lessens the driving stress and allows the driver to focus on the road.  And because it has no clutch pedal, it is economical because there is no need to spend on clutch maintenance and no downtime due to clutch component breakdown,” Jarina explained.  

    IPC delivers N-Series Smoother to Kimwealth

    Further, Koso expressed gratitude over the continuing partnership between them (through its Quezon Avenue dealership) and Kimwealth Infinity Marketing Corporation.

    “As the number one truck brand in the country, Isuzu Philippines Corporation once again takes the lead in the Philippine truck market as we introduce the Isuzu N-Series Smoother, the first light duty truck with an automated manual transmission in the country,” Koso was quoted as saying.

    “This Isuzu model has long been existing and highly popular in the overseas market.  And we are confident our newest light duty truck model will have good market acceptance. In 2020, we finished as Philippine’s top truck brand, making us number one truck brand for 21 years in a row.  This year, with the Isuzu N-Series Smoother, we want to take the same lead,” he added.

    Photos from Isuzu Philippines Corporation

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