5 Tips to Make Your Air Conditioner Run Colder

5 Tips to Make Your Air Conditioner Run Colder

You already know the tips to keep your air conditioner running optimally, but how do you make your AC run colder? With climate change, even the supposed cooler months feel warmer than usual, so anybody can certainly use a bit more cooling down inside their cars, especially when bogged down in Metro traffic. Here are five ways to make the car air conditioner feel colder, faster.

Park in shade whenever possible

Cars parked under the sun take longer to cool, so park your car in the shade when possible. If parking in the shade is not an option, put up shades on your windows so your car doesn’t turn into an oven when you come back.

Shut unused vents off

If you’re the only one in the car, turn the AC vents to the passenger side off. Vents usually have a control wheel that allow you to control the direction of the air flow and shut off the vent. By shutting off unused vents, your vent will blow out colder air faster.

Point the vents directly at you

A no-brainer, but a good reminder nonetheless. Be sure the AC vents are pointing directly at you—one to your head and the other one to your lower body. This will help you cool faster instead of leaving the vents pointing elsewhere.

Don’t be a speed demon

The air conditioner needs power to run, and that power comes from your engine. When you accelerate, your engine divides its power to speeding up and running your AC, with the two systems ending up with less power to work with. Thus, you’ll often notice that you have slower or sluggish acceleration when you have the AC on. Keep your AC cooler by staying as light on the accelerator as possible.

Keep system clean and topped up

Keep your cabin filter and fan belt in clean and pristine condition, and make sure your refrigerant and coolant are are at optimal levels and flowing freely without any clogs. That said, these tasks are best left in the hands of an able mechanic, unless you're handy around your car. Any issues with these parts limit the AC’s ability to dissipate heat and produce cooler air.


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