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AFTERMARKET: Make Parking a Whole Lot Easier with a Backup Camera

Nowadays, a dashcam is practically a necessity. But what about backup cameras? Though they don’t get as much traction as their forward-facing cousins, there’s no denying that these ‘eyes on your six’ are every bit as useful.

Many modern car models–especially those that belong to upper trims–already come equipped with rearview or backup camera systems. However, for those of us who can only afford old, used cars with minimal tech, there are aftermarket backup cameras available. Check out these five considerations to help you choose the best one for your intended applications.

How many cameras do you need?

Normally, the number of cameras will depend on how you use your vehicle. If you just use your car for regular commutes, then a single camera will often suffice. However, if you tow a trailer on occasion, have a lengthy bike rack latched on at the back, or own an extra-long sedan or truck, you may need to up your camera number to two or three.

What type of camera should you choose?

The most common type of backup camera is one that lets you see directly behind your vehicle. However, there are cameras that offer a wider angle and scope. These are called bird’s eye view cameras, and these are exceptionally useful if you own a truck, SUV or some other wide-bodied vehicle. Certain cameras also come with built-in gridlines, which make it easier to judge the distance of objects and the alignment of your vehicle.

What level of convenience are you looking for?

Backup cameras can either be wired, wireless or digital wireless. Wired means you have to thread an RCA cable through the entire length of your vehicle. Wireless cameras let you do away with the chore, but digital wireless cameras combine wireless convenience with extra-crisp views of your backside. Of course, convenience comes at a cost, and so be willing to shell out more cash if you plan to go the digital wireless route.

Choosing the right screen type and size

There are two main types of backup camera screens. One can be mounted directly to your dash, which requires some modification to be done to your dash assembly. The other is a clip-on that can be attached directly to the rearview mirror in your cabin. Some screens have two channels, while others have split screens. Check out demo videos of backup cameras on YouTube to see which type fits your needs best.

What’s your budget?

Backup cameras can range anywhere from P500 to P50,000 or more. Needless to say, there’s a backup camera for every budget. To ensure a good buy, check out reviews from other buyers, buy only from trusted sources, and make sure the product comes with a warranty.

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