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    BMW Stands Firm Behind New Design Language

    In case you didn't know, BMW has drastically altered its iconic kidney grille design into something that looks less like kidneys and more like human lungs (The 'Iron Lung' design language?). Unfortunately for the brand, the shift has brought significant backlash, with some calling the new look downright ridiculous.

    Despite the criticisms, BMW will stick to the new controversial design in its future cars, which started with the X7 SUV, the refurbished 7 Series, and the Concept 4 Series Coupe it showcased at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

    Speaking at an interview, Adrian van Hooydonk, senior vice-president of BMW Group Design, said that it was always their intention to spur a reaction with the new design, whether it was positive or negative.

    "I'm not a psychologist but I know BMW is a brand that not only has customers, it has fans," van Hooydonk said. "They know our entire design history and have strong opinions on that. I don't think that’s a bad thing, it means we have really connected with these people on an emotional level."

    The brand's design boss seemed to suggest that even when BMW is being barraged with disparaging comments, it's still better to be talked about than not be talked about at all.

    "As a company, you have to keep moving. The minute you start standing still, you become an easy target. The market is very competitive now, more than ever. But the hardest thing to do is make changes while you are successful. If you are no longer successful, people will immediately start saying you need to make changes, but then you are in panic mode," he added.

    Van Hooydonk proceeded to describe the Concept 4--which basically ushers in the next 4 Series – as a "sporty coupe" that "has to have a very expressive design."

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