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BUYER’S GUIDE: 2018 Chevrolet Spark

The 2018 Chevrolet Spark may not fit even half of a basketball team; and yes, it can look a tad bit quirky for those who want to make a serious impression to those seriously uptight, snotty, and  marginally-constipated elitists. But then again, who cares? This subcompact car is built for the practical-minded, budget-conscious commuter who gets up early in the morning to beat the mad rush of traffic to get to the office on time.


Surprisingly nimble, convenient, and yes–inexpensive, it’s not for the speed demon whose sole purpose in life is to drive faster than the speed of light. However, it’s a dream come true for the everyday, Filipino commuter who just wants a vehicle to drive them around the urban jungle safely. And if you find yourself nodding here in approval, then you should continue reading further.


We said earlier that it’s quirky, and yes, the 2019 is still quirky–and small(er) compared to its previous generation. It still has those attractive, almond-shaped headlights, and with those side creases in the taillights, give it a fresh, upbeat look that makes it distinctive on its own.


The Spark is surprisingly elegant inside, thanks to better-quality materials used in the dashboard, the chrome handles, and seats–especially in its Premier variant.

Convenience and Comfort

The infotainment system offers six speakers, with a 3.4-inch touchscreen head unit with Apple and Android Car Play. However, it doesn’t come with a Type C / Type 2 USB Port and Power Outlet, so forget watching Netflix movies the entire day in your tablet or mobile phone.

We also want to complain here about non-existent cup holders. And while we understand that not all people prefer to drink inside their vehicles, some people (like us) tend to get parched when driving inside their cars every now and then. Hence–the need for a cup holders are a dire necessity in this time and age. So yes, Chevrolet, if you would be so kind to comply, we would very much prefer a couple of them splattered everywhere in your next generation of Sparks.


The Spark comes in three variants: the 1.4L CVT Premier, 1.4 LT CVT, and 1.4 LT MT. The latter comes with a five-speed manual, while the first two use a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT).

The 2018 Chevrolet Spark can churn around 98 @ 6200 (hp @ RPM)  of power, while giving an average 128 @4400 of  torque (Nm @ rpm).

Our Verdict

Their weight differences might not be that significant, but they can still make quite a difference if speed and better fuel efficiency are important for you. The Premier and LT CVT are heavier, so choose the LT MT (manual variant) if you want to drive fast while saving on fuel. Still, we do have to point out that since the manual version has a higher final-drive ratio, it will give you better acceleration at the expense of  increasing your fuel consumption a bit more, especially if you tend to drive it for hours daily. So keep this in mind before you decide to go with this variant.

If you prefer a car with slightly better features, then choose the Premier edition. Its daytime running lights are LED instead of the typical bulb type lights, and its fuel tank capacity is a bit higher compared to its other two siblings. This makes it perfect for someone who likes to drive out-of-town regularly.

Now, here’s something Spark owners can look forward to: It offers a ‘worry-free,’ ‘longer warranty’ when it comes to parts and services. The Spark carries an “extensive five-year guarantee or a distance of 100,000 kms” in its warranty program, so you can sleep safe and sound knowing your car’s covered for a long time.


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