Cabrera wins anew in Toyota GR GT Cup, racers continue win streak


After Russel Cabrera led the Junior Class at first round of the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT (GR GT) Cup, he once again won the category during Round 3 of the virtual races last June 25 to 26. 

The races were held at the virtual Fuji International Speedway in the Gran Turismo game. The track has a total length of 4.5 kilometers, including a 1.47-kilometer main straight and 16 total turns including chicanes and hairpin corners.


Meanwhile, Jether Miole won the Promotional Class, while Luis Moreno dominated the Sporting Class. Miole took victory in the class at the first and second round of the Toyota GR GT Cup, while Moreno won the second

Cabrera defended his pole position from Joshua Marquez throughout the race. David Ison, John Paul Veloso, and Javier Dimalanta also had their own battle in the grid. 

In the end, Cabrera finished the race with a total of 82.5 points for all races. He also set the fastest lap at 1:50.95. Joshua Marquez came in second with a total of 75 points for all races. David Ison placed third, with 50 points for all races.

In the Promotional Class of Non-Professional esports players, Miole maintained a wide lead from Marcus Victa and Julius Quitlong, both of whom chased his tail and attempted to pass in every corner. 

Toyota GR GT Cup 2021

Miole claimed the top spot, giving him a total of 90 points for all races. Victa was in second with 48 points, while Julius Quitlong came in third with 24 points. However, in the final tally points, Owen Rada overtook him with 47 points in total after Quitlong and Victa made contact. 

In the Professional Sporting Class, returning racers Terence Lallave and Estefano Rivera were completely locked onto Luis Moreno as Moreno led the pack in the grid.

During the first two laps, it was apparent that everyone wanted to play clean as they fit themselves together in a grid, close to each other without contact, even in tight corners. 

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) described "the cat and mouse" situation between Moreno and Lallave, which gave thrilling moments.

At the finish line, Moreno was awarded with 85 total points for the entire race, followed by Lallave in second with a total of 72.5 points. Corban Guerrero placed third at the podium with 29.5 points. However, Luis Padilla took the overall third spot at 44 points in the final tally.


TMP said the top six finishers from the Promotional and Sporting classes will go head-to-head in the national round qualifiers soon. In the finals, they will have the chance to win a brand-new Sony PlayStation 5 plus a cash prize.

Over 200 participants, coming from different age groups, both professional and non-professional, raced their way in becoming part of the biggest e-motorsports competition this year, TMP added. 

TMP said the third round of the Toyota GR GT Cup can be viewed in its official Facebook page and YouTube channel. 

Photos from Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), Fuji International Speedway website

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