CARMUDI PH Bags 3rd Leg Win at Isuzu Fuel Eco Challenge

CARMUDI PH Bags 3rd Leg Win at Isuzu Fuel Eco Challenge
Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) recently wrapped up this year's fuel economy challenge for its trusty Isuzu mu-X and D-MaxX powered by its highly-efficient RZ4E engine. Held at a 4.2-kilometer course around the IPC headquarters, IPC checked the figures attained by the participants--both by car-club members and select scribes. And at the third leg of the fuel economy run, I was overwhelmed by the numbers I got from driving around the course. On board the muX RZ4E AT, I had managed to register a 19-kilometer per liter reading to bag the first-place finish for the media category. With Shell as its official fuel partner, the champion for the car clubs got a PHP7,500 Shell fuel voucher and an Isuzu trolley bag, while the rest got PHP1,000 worth of Shell fuel vouchers and Isuzu premium items. IPC Vice President for Sales Yasuhiko Oyama reiterated the significance of holding a fun competition of this nature. "IPC has always valued, and strove for, not just power and reliability in all its vehicles, but also fuel efficiency," he said. "Our RZ4E Blue Power engine exemplifies our effort to produce the most fuel-efficient diesel engine, capable of producing more power for less fuel. But fuel efficiency can only be achieved if the driver practices the best habits of fuel-efficient driving. We also aim to educate drivers about practices that could decrease their fuel consumption and to have a same and efficient driving." "The 2019 Isuzu Fuel Eco Challenge Car Club Edition attempts to bring together the best drivers and the best engine, and the spirit of camaraderie that exists in every thriving car club makes the exchange of sound knowledge and driving skills from one owner to the other that much faster and more effective," Oyama added. "Your members’ achievements would also serve as an inspiration and motivation for the motoring public in general. It is a very timely reminder that, despite the prevailing volatility of fuel prices in the market, fuel efficient drivers can still have control over their fuel expenses."

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