Checking out the cool colors of the Geely Coolray


The Geely Coolray is the automotive brand’s entry into the ever-growing local subcompact SUV segment. Thanks to its good looks and modern features, the Geely Coolray has gained significant momentum in the Philippine automotive scene.


  • How many colors does the Geely Coolray have?

    The Geely Coolray boasts seven exterior colors.
  • How many variants does the Geely Coolray have?

    The Geely Coolray is offered in three variants.
  • Speaking of which, the Geely Coolray is offered in seven spectacular hues that complement its modern appeal. Interested to see which among these colors compliment the Coolray? Read on to find out.



    Orange has become a popular choice for many car buyers shopping crossovers and subcompact SUVs. Thanks to its zesty and energetic vibe, orange helps embody the active and sporty capabilities of the Geely Coolray and other similar vehicles.


    The deep-red vermillion hue gives the Geely Coolray a passionate look. Fun and spirited drivers will fit perfectly behind the wheel of a vermillion Coolray.

    Pretty much like the aforementioned orange, picking a Geely Coolray in vermillion will let you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Prepare to turn heads when driving your Coolray in this shade of red.


    In white, the Geely Coolray looks calm and collected. And while it makes the subcompact SUV look a tad less aggressive, it does very little to dull the sharp angles and the striking design of the Geely Coolray.


    Those on the market for a sporty yet sophisticated crossover SUV should consider picking the Geely Coolray in Silver. Its metallic hue makes for a stylish finish that makes the Geely Coolray look luxurious.


    Blue represents trustworthiness and dependability. That said, if you want your ride to look as trustworthy and dependable as you are, blue is the way to go. Blue is the color of choice for drivers who are confident and friendly.

    Sunburst Gold

    Sunburst Gold is one of the two new colors made available for the Geely Coolray. This color is reminiscent of new beginnings and is perfect for those on the lookout for a brand-new family carrier. 

    Cloud Blue

    Another addition to the Geely Coolray palette, Cloud Blue is a color that would make you look — and feel like — you're on Cloud Nine. 

    Cloud Blue, and the aforementioned Sunburst Yellow, are Geely's way of telling everyone that they will never stop improving and bringing fun back in driving. 

    The Geely Coolray is currently offered in three variants with prices ranging from P978,000 to P1,198,000.

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    Geely sells nearly 400,000 Coolrays worldwide

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    Geely Coolray
    ₱978,000 - ₱1.198 Million Emi Starts : ₱16,778

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