Cutting-edge crossover: Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition

Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition

The crossover market has become a very saturated category for the Philippine automotive sector and it does not come as a surprise. After all, the local market has long been inclined toward picking offerings in the light commercial vehicle segment — given the versatility that it provides.


  • What powers the Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition?

    It is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine matched to a six-speed automatic transmission
  • How much is the Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition?

    It is priced at P1,142,888.
  • And since numerous car brands and models from China have become successful in the country, in comes The Covenant Car Incorporated fielding the Chevrolet Tracker in the local scene.

    Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition

    But did the Golden Bowtie brand’s local arm make a good move in bringing the nameplate to the country? Let us all check the offerings found on the Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition.


    The Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition is of the size that would befit today’s driving conditions. The 4,270mm long and 1,791mm wide sport utility vehicle empowers drivers to easily squeeze in tight traffic or constricted parking spaces.

    Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition

    Also, the 2,570mm wheelbase of the vehicle gives every vehicle occupant enough legroom while inside the cabin — molding the West’s roomy concept in the Eastern-manufactured model.


    The Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition exudes a very youthful glow given the sharp and sculpted lines all around the vehicle.

    Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition

    The pointed headlamps, squared-off LED daytime running lights, black horizontal lines on the grille complemented black-and-red elements in the bowtie emblem, heated side mirrors, and the 17-inch wheels.


    The aforementioned color orientation continues inside the cabin as occupants are greeted by black leather with red stitching that gives it an athletic vibe. The same material covers the flat-bottom steering wheel.

    Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition

    Given that it is a vehicle for small families, the Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition cargo capacity of up to 1,278 liters makes it a considerable pick in the segment.

    However, since crossovers are meant to be driven outside the confines of city streets, the air-conditioning system (though powerful enough to easily cool up the cabin) could need rear vents for those seated in the back.

    Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition


    The Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition is powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine. The power mill packs a punch, thanks to its capability to produce 116hp and 175Nm

    Not only that, the same engine allows the vehicle to cover more roads with little fuel used. After being driven for more than 716 kilometers (combination of highways and city roads), it managed an average fuel economy reading of 15.87 kilometer per liter..

    Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition

    The six-speed automatic with manual mode is okay, although adding paddle shifters on the sporty-looking vehicle will be very much appreciated.


    The panoramic sunroof for a crossover is still a very nice touch, and we love that the eight-inch infotainment system is slightly angled facing the driver furthers the vehicle’s ergonomics.

    The touchscreen audio system is connected to six speakers, but can only be linked to a mobile phone via Bluetooth and Apple Carplay.

    Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition

    Also, there seems to be slight lag on the brakes (at least in our test unit), which might be a bit of concern to some — especially to those who are taking the vehicle for a spin for the first time. It will take some getting used to.

    It is also comforting to know that numerous features are fitted in the Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Edition that are guaranteed to make every journey safe. Among the vehicle’s technologies are the enhanced understeer control, panic brake assist, hill-start assist, torque vectoring by brakes, and rollover mitigation system.


    The sticker price of P1,142,888 is competitive given that the crossover looks good and is tech-heavy in terms of driving stability, but is a bit steep when compared against the Tracker's competitors.

    However, putting a little extra on other features would help Chevrolet Philippines contend better against the usual names in the crossover market.

    Photos by Ruben D. Manahan IV

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