Ford Mustang: 10 terrific hues

ford mustang

The Ford Mustang is an iconic sports car that looks as good as it drives. That said, the powerful pony car has been one of the go-to nameplates for car buyers who want a vehicle that looks fast — even when standing still.


  • How many engine options does the Ford Mustang have?

    The Ford Mustang has two engine options: a 2.3-liter engine and a 5.0-liter engine.
  • How much power does the 5.0-liter powerplant make?

    The Ford Mustang fitted with a 5.0-liter powerplant makes 460hp with 569Nm.
  • Its fastback body style offers a fitting backdrop for the 10 hues available for the Ford Mustang. Which of these terrific hues best suits your tastes? Join us to find out.

    Shadow Black

    Shadow Black is perfect for those who want a car that looks menacing and mysterious. This pitch-black paint complements the dark and brooding power the Ford Mustang is capable of. Under the hood of the range-topping GT Premium variant is a 5.0-liter gasoline engine that makes as much as 460 horsepower (hp) with 569Nm of almost instantaneous torque.

    ford mustang 1

    Iconic Silver Metallic

    This color gives the Ford Mustang an elegant appeal. Silver has always been the color of wealth, grace, and elegance, which simply adds to the beautiful proportions of this stylish sports car.

    Oxford White

    White, as we always say, is the safest color in the palette. But, the Ford Mustang can keep its occupants safe without the achromatic color, thanks to a suite of standard safety features including dual-stage front airbags, knee airbags, and side airbags. Also standard is a rearview camera as well as automatic on and off headlamps.

    Race Red Metallic

    Red has always been the color of fast cars. That said, even the base model of the Ford Mustang packs serious power.

    The Ford Mustang equipped with the 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine makes around 310 horses with 475Nm of pulling power.

    Velocity Blue Metallic

    We feel like blue is the natural color of the Ford Mustang. In this hue, the car looks effortlessly sporty. It also complements the large gaping grille of the pony car flanked by LED headlamps with signature lighting and LED taillamps with the iconic sequential tri-bar turn signals.

    ford mustang 2

    Carbonized Gray Metallic

    While it is not as ominous like the aforementioned Shadow Black paint, Carbonized Gray Metallic offers a similarly scary appeal, making the Ford Mustang a car you don’t want to mess with.

    Twister Orange Metallic Tri-Coat

    This zesty hue gives the Ford Mustang the pop of color it deserves. And for those who want their pony cars’ instrument cluster to share the same shade as the exterior, the 12-inch all-digital cluster can be customized with a variety of colors.

    Antimatter Blue Metallic

    One can say that Antimatter Blue Metallic is Velocity Blue Metallic’s emo cousin. That said, its dramatic color enhances the sharp curves and the aggressive angles on the Ford Mustang’s body.

    Grabber Yellow

    Another fun color. Grabber Yellow is perfect for those who want to stand out and refuse to just blend in to the crowd.

    ford mustang 3

    Those who will pick a ‘Stang in this color won’t have a hard time spotting their car in a parking lot.

    Rapid Red Metallic

    If the previously mentioned Race Red Metallic is not red enough for you, then this paint with a deeper red hue might do.

    This crimson paint is great for those who want a car that turns heads wherever it goes.

    Photos from Ford Philippines

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