Honda teases 2023 CR-V ahead of US launch


The American arm of Honda has dropped several teaser photos of the upcoming 2023 CR-V. According to the Japanese carmaker, the forthcoming compact crossover SUV is going to be “rugged and ready for life’s next big adventure.”


  • What did the teaser images reveal about the new 2023 Honda CR-V?

    The photos revealed by Honda show the 2023 CR-V wearing a more rugged and aggressive exterior.
  • When will the 2023 Honda CR-V be launched in the US?

    According to Honda, the 2023 CR-V will be launched in summer.
  • 2023-crv-3

    Bold styling is evident on the vehicle’s front end. The two-part grille is obviously larger, broader, and wider, with very minimal chrome trims. They are flanked by relatively thin headlamps that seem to emphasize the vehicle’s more outspread appearance. Overall, the fore of the 2023 Honda CR-V looks more modern and somewhat aggressive.


    The same can be said of the SUV’s rear. The teaser photo reveals striking L-shaped taillamps, somehow reminiscent of those found on the old Mitsubishi Xpander model and Suzuki Ertiga. These new taillights give the rear end of the 2023 Honda CR-V a sleeker look that complements the styling found at the front. This is further emphasized by updated exhaust pipes and other elements found at the back like the tailgate and the spoiler.

    For the keen-eyed fans of the nameplate, the teaser photo shows the 2023 CR-V wearing a “hybrid” badge. Honda said that on top of the 2023 CR-V’s new matured look, the brand’s SUV will feature “a more advanced hybrid system for a sportier driving experience and more capability.”


    Further details about the 2023 Honda CR-V will be announced soon. The highly anticipated SUV is slated to make its debut in the US this summer.

    Photos from Honda

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