Petron XCS supports Toyota Vios Cup anew

Vios Cup

Petron Corporation has once again partnered with Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) to bring the waku doki spirit onto the track after throwing its support behind the 2021 Toyota Vios Cup.

Scheduled July 9 and 10 (Leg 1), September 10 and 11 (Leg 2), and November 5 and 6 (Leg 3), the 2021 Vios Cup is composed of two formats — the Autocross Challenge and the Circuit Championship.

The Autocross Challenge is open to amateur racers, with individual cars navigating the track in a timed competition, while the Circuit Championship is the traditional circuit race with all cars competing head-to-head to finish at the lead of the pack.

Entries for the Circuit Race are classified into three categories: Promotional Class, Sporting Class, and Super Sporting Class.

2021 Petron Vios Cup

Awarding ceremonies will be held on the last week of November. Fans and enthusiasts can watch the races on the Facebook page of Toyota Motor Philippines.

Just like in previous seasons, the 2021 Toyota Vios Cup will be powered by Petron XCS, a 95-octane high-quality premium motor gasoline formulated with a high-performance additive system containing a unique combustion catalyst and excellent detergent additive for optimum performance.

“With Petron XCS as the official fuel of the 2021 Toyota Vios Cup, competitors are assured of enhanced engine power and responsiveness for the most optimal track performance. In fact, as the trusted gasoline for the majority of discerning Filipino motorists, Vios Cup racers are familiar with the superior qualities of Petron XCS in powering their everyday drives, protecting the engines of their personal cars, and enjoying savings due to fuel economy,” Petron mentioned in a statement.

Vios Cup car

In the 2018 season, Petron XCS already garnered commendation from participants such as celebrity racers Aubrey Miles and Fabio Ide.

"I choose Petron XCS because I use it for my everyday lifestyle. I use it for my two cars and my race car as well," Miles remarked.

"Petron XCS helps my engine go faster, cleaner, and better. Also for the mileage, I know I can use my car for a longer period of time. It's the best choice," Ide noted.

The 2021 Toyota Vios Cup will implement strict guidelines as it returns to physical racing to ensure the health and safety of all concerned. The venue will be exclusively for racers, support teams, sponsors, and organizers. No public spectators will be allowed. Negative COVID-19 test results are required for all attendees. Physical distancing, sanitation, and personal protective equipment will be ensured, and socializing is prohibited within the venue. Safety marshals and health inspectors will be deployed to ensure compliance.

Photos from Toyota Motor Philippines, Petron Philippines

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