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The 2019 Range Rover Will Now Make Driving in Deep Floods a Piece of Cake

Good news to all Range Rover fans–all its newest variants can now be equipped with its Wade Sensing System. This technology allows you to drive through almost three feet of standing water–as long as there’s a surface below to drive it on. This is great, especially in the Philippines where floods are a common occurrence.

According to Land Rover, the system provides “real-time wading depth information relative to the maximum wading capability for the current location of the vehicle.”

“Using sensors on the underside of the door mirrors, the system reports this information to the driver via a dedicated display on the vehicle’s touchscreen. The system also provides the driver an indication of the vehicle’s position/angle, and can estimate when the vehicle is potentially going into deeper water or coming out of the water. The driver is able to turn on the Wade Sensing feature using a soft button in the 4x4i menu.”

This feature has been demonstrated using the 2019 Range Rover Sport P400e last October 2017. Using humans as its worthy opponent, the Range Rover Sport swam through the rising tide and 850 mm waves of the Bantham Beach in South Devon, UK. It competed against athlete Ross Edgley and swimming world champion Kerri-Anne Payne.

And the result was impressive.

“I’ve competed around the world, but I’ve never done anything quite like this. With a strong tide, I was having to try really hard to stay ahead of the Range Rover Sport–not what I usually see over my shoulder when I’m racing,” said Payne.

Here’s the video of the challenge:

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