The sibling similarities of the Audi RS and e-tron models

Audi e-tron SUV at BGC showroom

Audi’s high-performance RS and the fully electric e-tron have their own ways of showing luxury and dynamism. The RS line is racetrack-bred, while the e-tron range promotes sustainability as the new luxury.


  • What are similarities of the Audi RS and e-tron lineups?

    The two offer quattro all-wheel drive, adaptive suspensions, various driving modes, intelligent illumination, and an advanced infotainment system.
  • What are Audi Philippines' e-tron and RS models?

    Audi Philippines offers the RS 4 Avant, RS 5 Coupe, and Sportback, RS 6 Avant and RS Q3 Sportback, RS Q8, and R8 supercar for the RS lineup. The local e-tron models are composed of the e-tron SUV, e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT.
  • Under the RS range, Audi Philippines offers the RS 4 Avant, RS 5 Coupe and Sportback, RS 6 Avant and RS Q3 Sportback, RS Q8 and the flagship R8 supercar. On the other hand, the company's the fully electric models under the Ingolstadt-headquartered marque are the e-tron SUV, e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT.

    Audi e-tron GT and Audi e-tron SUV

    Amid the huge difference powertrain-wise, the two show strong similarities, which can be read below:

    • Permanent all-wheel drive

    First released more than four decades ago, the quattro all-wheel drive system — which provides power to all four wheels — is present on both the RS and the e-tron. Audi e-tron vehicles adapted the technology through the electric all-wheel drive system with electric torque vectoring.

    • Adaptive suspension

    Audi Philippines explained that the RS adaptive suspension is tuned specifically to suit the performance requirements of Audi RS models.

    “Various control mechanisms can alter the suspension’s characteristics and ride height via preset modes, and can also adjust to road conditions and even the driver’s preferences,” the company shared.

    The same can be found on the adaptive suspension system of certain Audi e-tron models. “During more dynamic drives, it also reduces the movement of the car’s body, resulting in a controlled and stable ride,” Audi Philippines noted.

    Audi showroom

    • Driving modes 

    Audi e-tron offerings, as well as select RS models, can adjust between the various driving modes via the Audi Drive Select.

    Certain RS models offer three suspension and performance settings (comfort, auto, and dynamic) and can be saved into the vehicle memory as RS1 and RS2 modes. Meanwhile, the whole e-tron roster has four driving modes: comfort, efficiency, dynamic, and individual.     

    • Intelligent lighting technologies

    The two product ranges feature the LED matrix headlight system that intelligently change patterns to ensure that oncoming traffic will not be blinded by light while continuously illuminating the road ahead.

    “Also offered in e-tron models are digital LED matrix headlights that illuminate in high resolution, and can even project signature light patterns on the ground or on a wall facing the vehicle. Taking it another level up is the Audi laser light, which is standard on the Audi e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT. The system doubles the range of the high beam — it projects light up to a kilometer ahead — but will automatically reduce the distance if it detects other road users,” Audi Philippines mentioned.

    Audi RS Q8

    • Advanced infotainment and connectivity

    All Audi RS and e-tron models are equipped with an MMI touch response operating concept and the Audi virtual cockpit. The MMI touch response allows access to infotainment and convenience functions, including advanced parking assistance.

    The Audi virtual cockpit shows a wide range of information (speed, navigation maps, and other driver assistance systems) in different views selectable through the multifunction steering wheel.

    Photos from Audi Philippines

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