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Audi RS E-tron GT

The RS E-Tron GT is an electric sports sedan from Audi that has gained quite popularity in the Philippines market, thanks to its stunning looks and performance. This car features a sleek and sporty design that is bound to be loved by the young and old alike. It features a driver-focused cockpit with easy to use controls that are placed within your reach. The electric motors powering the E-Tron GT deliver a powerful performance. In terms of power delivery, this sedan can reach the 100kmph mark in under 5 seconds, so driving this car on open roads is nothing short of a treat to the driver.


husaini Tuesday Mar 7, 2023 04:35:21

Rating of Audi RS E-tron GT

4.8 /5

Based on 4 Customer Reviews

RS E-TRON GT Owner Reviews


Based on 4 Customer Reviews
RS E-TRON GT Reviews

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