2 BPI-AIA policyholders win brand-new Honda HR-V in raffle promo

BPI AIA raffle winners

For sustaining their respective policies under BPI AIA (Bank of Philippine Islands and American Insurance Association), two individuals each got a Honda HR-V.


  • Who are the BPI AIA policyholders that won the Honda HR-V?

    The policyholders that won the vehicle are Eleazar Jugarap and Arnaldo Andrade.
  • When did the insurance firm hold the campaign?

    According to BPI AIA, promo was held last year.
  • In a statement, the insurance firm said that Eleazar Jugarap won the vehicle for consistently paying his policy premiums on time. On the other hand, Arnaldo Andrade won the  raffle under the reinstated auto-surrender/lapsed policies category.


    Under the company then known as BPI-Philam, the 47-year-old Andrade has a Critical Care Plus unit-linked health and life insurance plan while the 38-year-old Jugarap maintains the Build Life Plus savings and life insurance policy.

    To note, BPI AIA held the special campaign last year (January-December 2021) to give loyal customers more incentives for managing their insurance plans well.

    The company said that the apart from the pair of sport utility vehicles, lucky customers were rewarded with as much as P5,000 worth of eGift credits each for being good clients who adopt better habits such as doing timely payment, enrolling to automatic payment facilities (auto-debit or auto-credit arrangement), shifting to less frequent modes of payment, and resuming premium payment for policies on premium holiday.

    “Our customers have already taken the first step when it comes to securing their future, but we believe the market needs a little more push in terms of reforming mindsets and habits about insurance. Through this special campaign, we have incentivized better payment behaviors and extended more leeway to help those with lapsed policies get back on track and continue to be protected through the coverage and benefits of their purchased plan. We wanted to do this to make our customers feel that a relationship with BPI AIA is a rich and rewarding experience and that a journey towards healthier, longer, better lives is worth taking,” BPI AIA Chief Executive Officer Surendra Menon was quoted as saying.

    The firm noted that insurance penetration in the country increased to 2.03 percent in premium volume as a share of gross domestic product (GDP) during the third quarter of 2021, from 1.69 percent in the same period in 2020.

    The statement added that the BPI AIA has consistently been recognized by the Insurance Commission as one of the country’s leading insurers. Last year, its net income reached P2 billion. “This is a simple testament of how BPI AIA policyholders are assured that their insurance firm of choice is backed by financial strength and stability.”

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