AFTERMARKET: KW Variant 2 Shocks for BMW 3-Series

Lower your BMW 3-Series' center of gravity and rise to new heights of driving performance with KW Variant 2 Shocks that improve handling and cornering while greatly reducing squat.

Completely adjustable at all four wheels, KW V2 shocks are custom-engineered with anodized aluminum spring collars for sharp looks and all-around durability. The shortened inox-line stainless steel strut housings deliver more spring travel for the ultimate in performance and touring. The heavy-duty Teflon seals provide maximum sealing and minimum friction, helping to keep the shocks cool even under extreme conditions. The high tensile springs strike the right balance between stiffness and comfort.

KW Shocks are engineered for precision fit, so be sure to check your VIN number to find the right match for your particular BMW 3-Series. You can order KW V2 Shocks for BMW-Series vehicles at

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