BMW iX5 Hydrogen to showcase zero-emission tech at Munich motor show

BMW iX5 Hydrogen

BMW will present the iX5 Hydrogen at the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, Germany.  Currently still in series development, the hydrogen fuel cell-powered iX5 will be one of several vehicles visitors can experience in the September motor show. 

The iX5 Hydrogen combines fuel cell technology with a fifth-generation BMW eDrive. The drive system uses hydrogen as fuel by converting it into electricity in a fuel cell, which delivers an electrical output of up to 170hp, with water vapor as the only emission.

The electric motor was developed from the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology also used in the iX. During braking and coasting, it serves as a generator, feeding energy into the battery. The energy stored in this power battery can give 374hp of boost when needed. 

BMW iX5 Hydrogen

Aerodynamic wheels are wrapped in sustainably produced tires of natural rubber and rayon. That makes BMW Group the first automotive manufacturer in the world to use Pirelli tires with rubber and rayon in its production vehicles.

Blue details inside and outside the iX5 Hydrogen, meanwhile, tell the world of the car's fuel source. Several pieces of the iX5's bumpers were made from 3D printing, which "enables fast and highly flexible production of components." 3D printing can also create geometric shapes that conventional production cannot. 

BMW iX5 Hydrogen

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