Check out these Toyota GR-spec Supra enhancements


Toyota, through its performance and motorsports division Toyota Gazoo Racing, has given the iconic Supra sportscar several enhancements. These improvements, per the Japanese automotive brand, were driven by strong customer demand and expectations.


  • What are some of the major enhancements added to the Supra?

    Major enhancements include a six-speed manual transmission, an adaptive variable suspension, and fine-tuned shock absorbers.
  • What variant of the GR-spec Supra gets a six-speed gearbox?

    Toyota gave the Supra RZ a six-speed manual transmission.
  • When will Toyota start deliveries of this GR Supra?

    According to Toyota, deliveries are planned in the fall (from September to early December) of 2022.
  • Main enhancements to the Toyota Gazoo Racing Supra include improved handling steering and suspension which help refine the car’s handling performance and ride comfort. Key to this upgrade was the adaptive variable suspension (AVS) control and finely tuned shock absorber damping characteristics for improved roll balance and ride comfort.

    Furthermore, the addition of modified stabilizer bushings improves the Supra’s initial steering response while a revised chassis control system (AVS, electric power steering, and vehicle stability control) improves its overall steering feel and controllability when pushing to the limits.

    Meanwhile, Toyota added specific updates on certain variants, like the GR Supra’s RZ trim. The said variant can now be had with a six-speed manual transmission to complement its high-output engine.


    Featured is a special, spherical shift knob with a GR logo and a manual transmission-tuned interior sound — for generating excitement during acceleration.


    In addition, the stick-shift RZ will also come with an iMT system for optimal computer-controlled engine speed matched to the driver's clutch and shifting operations and for automatic throttle blipping when shifting.

    Moreover, the abovementioned variant gets a newly-designed 19-inch forged aluminum wheel and a newly-adopted Premium Titanium Dark Silver finish.

    On the other hand, Toyota gave all variants of the GR Supra two new exterior colors, Volcanic Ash Gray Metallic and Dawn Blue Metallic, while the RZ variant gets a new limited matte Avalanche White Metallic finish and a tan interior option.

    Lastly, GR Supras in RZ and SZ-R trims get improved sound quality through optimal sound tuning of the JBL Premium Sound System.


    Toyota looks to begin accepting customer inquiries this summer (from June to September), followed by vehicle deliveries in Japan come fall (from September to early December) of 2022.

    Photos from Toyota

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