CVT-equipped Toyota Vios used in TGR Autocross Challenge


Who said automatic gearboxes like the continuously variable transmission (CVT) have no place in motorsports?

No one among the 12 members of the motoring media, who participated in the Autocross Challenge of the 2021 Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) Vios Cup on July 10, certainly didn't think so. Twelve social media influencers also participated in the event held at the Clark International Speedway

Autocross racing is a form of motorsports in which drivers maneuver a tight course, outlined by barriers and pylons, in the fastest possible time. The TGR Autocross was held in between the races of the TGR Vios Cup. 

Toyota-Vios-AutocrossThe race car that was used in the autocross is based on the Vios that pairs a CVT to a 1.5-liter engine, which makes 106hp and 140Nm.

Basically, a CVT gearbox uses pulleys and a belt to drive the engine and wheels, respectively.  As engine revs rise, and the cone moves according to the amount of power asked for. 

Toyota-Vios-AutocrossWhy were CVT-equipped Vios cars were chosen for the autocross? Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) said that was done to keep the competition level among the participants. After all, if a manual cup car was used, drivers who exclusively drive an automatic will be at a disadvantage against MT drivers. 

But despite having only two pedals, the Vios autocross cars are worlds apart from its base car.

The Vios has been wrapped in white, given decals in GR's signature colors of red and black and stickers of TGR sponsor brands. A tall rear wing sits atop the trunk, while a sports exhaust below the car enhances performance while creating a throaty sound. 

Toyota-Vios-AutocrossTo keep the center of gravity low, a great reduction in ride height was done with a sports suspension. Stickier rubber on the wheels and beefier brakes made sure drivers can execute rapid, smooth maneuvers needed in autocross. 

Inside the Vios autocross car, only the dashboard, center console, door panels, and steering wheel (possibly to retain the airbag) remain from a regular Vios, in order to save weight. 


The racing equipment inside include an OMP racing seat, sports pedals, while all of the other seats made way for the roll cage and fire extinguisher  

The TGR Autocross Challenge, as well as the first leg of the 2021 TGR Vios Cup, can be viewed on the Toyota Motor Philippines Facebook page. 

Photos from Toyota Motor Philippines, Dylan Afuang 

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