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Honda Releases Emergency Announcement on Airbag Recall

Honda has released an updated announcement regarding the Airbag Recall campaign that it launched beginning February of this year. The update comes after the Japanese manufacturer added 1.4 million units to its list of vehicles that should have their Takata airbags replaced. Honda advises affected car owners of the affected Honda vehicles to bring their unit to a nearby authorized dealership and have their airbag inflators replaced. The replaced inflators will then be submitted for further evaluation and study.

“Affected vehicles must be recalled by replacing the inflator because there is a risk of an abnormal deployment during collision,” the announcement reads. “Some metal shrapnels/fragments would rupture which could cause serious injuries to occupants.”

Honda provides the following Model Information Guide for its car owners to help them identify if their vehicle is up for recall:

The emergency announcement adds the CivicCR-V,and Accord to the models originally affected.

As for the recall procedure, Honda provides the following statement:

“The replacement of inflator would take about one (1) hour in any authorized dealership. It is highly advised that customers would call their preferred Honda Cars dealerships and book for an appointment before visiting them to ensure parts allocation and hassle-free transaction. In the event that the recall parts are not available, customers would be listed in the dealership’s wait list and will be notified once parts become available. The replacement of inflator is FREE OF CHARGE and could be done to any authorized dealerships nationwide.”

Honda hopes that its customers and patrons will be guided accordingly.

For more information on the Emergency Airbag Recall Announcement, click here.

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