MMDA encourages motorists to use Mabuhay Lanes

Mabuhay Lanes

As previously announced by operator San Miguel Corporation, the Skyway Stage 3 will start collecting toll fees today (July 12)  — to mark the first day of  paid use for the tollway after  almost seven months of free usage.

The 18-kilometer stretch tollway, SMC stated earlier, will be limited to Class 1 vehicles that have Autosweep RFID stickers. 

The news came after the corporation — led by its President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon Ang — revealed that the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) already issued the Toll Operating Permit and a Notice to Start Collecting Toll.

Mabuhay Lanes

And as reports came that the toll fee would go as high as P264 for the whole stretch (or as low as P105 upon exiting the immediate exit point), the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) over the weekend reminded motorists to take advantage of the Mabuhay Lanes in anticipation of the volume of vehicles that will again be using EDSA.

Last Saturday (July 10), MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos said that motorists may use these lanes to get to their destination. “Motorists who are coming from the northern part of Metro Manila and will travel southbound, and those who might want to avoid EDSA can take Mabuhay Lanes as alternate routes,” Abalos said.

 “We want to give them options on their travel without being stuck in traffic,” he added.

According to the agency, it has installed directional road signs to serve as guide to the motorists.

Further, the MMDA stated that night-time repairs — including reblocking and construction — will only be done from 11 p.m. to 5 p.m. to avoid traffic during rush hours.

While expecting increased congestion, Abalos claimed that there is still no need to reimplement the number coding scheme as traffic is still manageable.

Further, the MMDA chair sought the assistance and cooperation from the seven local government units within the Mabuhay Lane routes to rid the thoroughfare of obstructions.

Mabuhay Lanes

These are the alternate routes from north to south per MMDA:

  • From EDSA:
    • Vehicles may turn right at Mother Ignacia, left at Sgt. Esguerra, right at Sct. Ybardolaza straight to Judge Jimenez Street, right at E. Rodriguez Avenue, left at Gilmore, right at N. Domingo, left at Pinaglabanan, right at P. Guevarra St., left at L. Mencias, right at Shaw Boulevard, left at Martinez/Nueve de Pebrero, right at Maysilo Circle, right at San Francisco, left at Coronado, take Makati – Mandaluyong bridge to Makati and or to destination or;
    • Turn right at West Avenue, right to Del Monte Ave., left at Sto. Domingo or Biak na Bato, right at Amoranto then left at Banawe or D. Tuazon, right at Maria Clara or Dapitan to destination
  • From North Luzon Expressway (NLEx):
    • Motorists may exit at Mindanao Avenue Access Ramp, right at Mindanao Ave., left at Congressional, right at Luzon Avenue, take Bridge crossing Commonwealth Avenue, Katipunan Avenue, C-5 to destination;
    • Right at Balintawak to Cloverleaf to EDSA going to Monumento then left at A. De Jesus St. (8th St.), left at C-3, right at A. Bonifacio, take Mayon Avenue to Welcome Rotonda.
  • From Quezon City to Makati City
    • Take N. Domingo, left to Blumentritt-Kalentong, left at Manalo St., then right at Mariano, right at Luna Mencias, right at Shaw Boulevard., left at Acacia Lane, right at F. Ortigas, left at Primo Cruz, left at F. Blumentritt, Coronado take Mandaluyong-Makati Bridge to destination;
    • In N. Domingo, turn left to Blumentritt-Kalentong, left at Manalo St., then right at Mariano, right at Luna Mencias, right at Shaw Boulevard, left at Nueve de Febrero, straight to Martinez Ave, left at Maysilo Circle, left at Boni Avenue, right at Sikap Street, right at Maria Clara street, left at Sgt. Bumatay Street, cross Pantaleon Street, straight to Mandaluyong-Makati Bridge to destination or;
    • Take E. Rodriguez, turn left at Matimyas - Plaza Nolito Fajardo left at V. G. Cruz, right at Lardizabal, left at Dela Fuente, right at Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard in Nagtahan to P. Quirino then left at South Super Highway.

Those going to Greenhills, San Juan City may use the following routes:

  • From EDSA: 
    • Turn right at Banahaw Street, right at Makiling, left at Benitez, straight at St. Joseph, left at Ortigas Avenue to Greenhills Shopping Center or;
    • Turn right at Annapolis, right at Eisenhower then left at Club Filipino to Ortigas Ave. to Greenhills Shopping Center.

Baclaran/Paranaque-bound motorists may use any of the following lanes: 

  • From EDSA:
    • Turn right at Connecticut to Ortigas Avenue to Greenhills Shopping Center or;
    • Take EDSA-Tramo flyover, right at Andrews Avenue straight to Airport Road, right at Roxas Boulevard then take Service road to Redemptorist Road
  • From Manila Area:
    • Along Roxas Boulevard, take a U-turn at Airport Road, then Service road to Redemptorist Road

 Vehicles going to Carriedo in Manila may opt any of the following routes:

  • From Manila Area:
    • From Taft Avenue, take Ayala Boulevard, left at Carlos Palanca (Echague) to Carriedo Street, or;
    • From Padre Burgos, take Jones Bridge, right at Muelle del Blanco National to Plaza Lacson then head straight to Carriedo.

If you are going to Divisoria in Manila, you may choose among the following routes:

  • From Dapitan Zuki Market:
    • Take A. H. Lacson Avenue, turn left at Tayuman Street, then left at Dagupan Street to Divisoria.
  • From Roxas Boulevard:
    • right at Claro M. Recto then head straight to Divisoria, or;
  • From R-10:
    • Left at Moriones Street then right at Dagupan Street to Divisoria.

Photos from Metropolitan Manila Development Authority

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