The 2020 Land Rover Defender is a Dog-Friendly Beast

Defender 110

The latest Land Rover Defender offers its owners with a gamut of ways to customize their ride. For dog lovers out there, know that the 2020 version of the ultimate off-roader has got some excellent treats for your furry four-legged family members.

The Pet Care and Access Pack--one of the multitudes of Accessory Packs offered to customers--includes a lot of add-ons for pet owners. The highlight of the pack is the pet-access ramp, a two-section folding ramp with aluminum support and a non-slip plastic center that can hold animals up to 187 pounds (85 kilograms) in weight.

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Once you get your pet inside the cargo hold, a soft-sided pet carrier welcomes him, along with a spill-resistant water bowl to keep him from getting dehydrated during travel.

If your pet enjoys rough-and-tumble play, don't worry, because Land Rover offers a quilted cargo area cover to keep your boot space free from dirt. The cover has lips that extend over the bumper to ensure clean ingress and egress for your naughty critter.

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Should your dog get extremely dirty, the Pet Care and Access Pack also comes with a water tank that you can pressurize and equip with a spray nozzle.

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Own an extra-large dog? You can swap the pet carrier for a full-sized cargo divider to keep him secure and contained in the cargo area.

All of these extra features add a total of USD1,800 (PHP93,500) to the Defender's price tag. However, the individual parts may also be purchased separately.

Land Rover also offers an inflatable waterproof awning that attaches the side or rear of the SUV. This one comes in handy when you and your pooch get caught up in the wind and rain. The awning can be pumped manually or via an air compressor, and costs USD760 (PHP39,500).

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Other types of Accessory Packs include Explorer, Adventure, Country, and Urban. Each set includes a number of accessories and equipment designed to fit together for an instant upgrade to your Land Rover’s functionality and personality.

The 2020 Land Rover Defender enters the US market starting next year, with entry into other markets soon to follow.

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