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I have been driving the Audi Q2 for the past seven months and I have been extremely pleased by its performance. The Audi Q2's tiny size makes it ideal for navigating crowded city traffic. Driving the Q2 from a high position is a delight in and of itself. The two front seats are spacious. While there isn't much legroom in the back due to the Q2's diminutive size, the seats are nevertheless comfortable for a family. They are great for children and adults on short vacations. The cargo compartment is easily accessible and rather large for a vehicle of this size. The 1.0-liter gasoline engine is the smallest in Audi's range, and there is no Quattro. However, this has no effect on the vehicle's performance. I would recommend this incredible ride to all car enthusiasts.


Nhomer Friday Dec 17, 2021 07:22:48

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