Sheer brilliance and amazing ride quality

Audi RS E-tron GT

I love everything about the Audi RS E-Tron. It has been designed to pacify the demands of all passionate car lovers. Inspire of being an electric car, this beauty generates a massive power of around 646 hp. This is pretty fascinating. The ride quality is very smooth and the same goes for the braking system. It has been equipped with an electric power steering which makes handling pretty easy. The safety features loaded on this ride are also quite proficient and contribute to the efficiency of this beauty. I also admire the fantastic infotainment system that this ride flaunts.


Cearo Thursday Mar 3, 2022 16:19:25

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4.7 /5
Based on 6 Customer Reviews

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Based on 6 Customer Reviews
RS E-TRON GT Reviews

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