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New and Used Toyota Land Cruiser for Sale Philippines | Toyota Land Cruiser Price List 2019

Toyota Land Cruiser for sale Philippines | Toyota Land Cruiser price Philippines | White Toyota Land Cruiser side view

The 2017 Land Cruiser continues the tradition of four-wheel drive excellence that Toyota is known for. Unveiled in the last quarter of 2015, this 200 series has overhauled many of its features, offering a more chiseled, front-end design and horizontal detailing that gives it a more robust and forceful appearance. Although it still retains the wheelbase features of its predecessors, it has a bigger and taller body with thicker chrome details, newer taillight designs, and a more modern set of 18-inch alloy wheels.

Steeped in history, it was designed as a Toyota "Jeep" BJ prototype in 1951, and became an in-demand military type utility vehicle. It was much larger compared to the original U.S. precursor created in the 1940s, and created waves when its test driver, Ichiro Taira, test drove it from Mount Fuji to Station Six. During that time, it was considered illegal for hikers to climb Station Six because it was considered too high and dangerous. The Land Cruiser was the first vehicle to reach this level, which greatly impressed the National Police Agency that they made it their official patrol car. The Toyota Land Cruiser has truly come a long way from its humble beginnings as a simple, 1942 Japanese AK10 prototype to the high-tech Land Cruiser that it is today. As usual, the 2017 model promises off-road power at its best. With a more evolved and comfortable luxury interior, the new Toyota Land Cruiser is surely a force to be reckoned with -- on and off the road.



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Toyota Land Cruiser overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
4.3 stars

The New Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 in the Philippines Has Finally Been Revealed

Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 in the Philippines

How is the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser different from the 2016 model?

Styling a better revamp of its interior and exterior features, the Toyota Land Cruiser has also revised its engines with new injectors and a revised mapping system for the 4.5-liter twin-turbo V8 diesel. It has also upgraded a new diesel particulate filter guard that protects it against off-road damage. Other updates include:

  • Rear Cross Traffic alert
  • Revised center console
  • Hands-free entry
  • Upgraded cabins

What is new about the Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 design?

The Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 now sports beefier, larger lines that look quite impressive than other Toyota SUVs in the past (except maybe for the Sequoia). It looks a bit more rugged-looking than the Land Rover lineup, so if you want more muscle, we suggest you go for the new Land Cruiser. Some other changes include:

  • Bigger, bolder grilles
  • More prominent front ends
  • Bi-Led headlights
  • Re-customized bumpers and fog lights

What are Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 specs and features?

The 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser comes with a 5.7L V8, 4x4 engine equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission that's even better than the Aisin eight speed found in Lexus models. Other features include:

  • Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS)
  • Off-Road Turn Assist System
  • Hill Descent Control & Hill-Climb Assist (HAC)

What are Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 prices in the Philippines?

The Toyota Land Cruiser may not be the cheapest SUV on the market, but it is worth every penny, with its advanced features and design. The prices for the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser for each model are:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 LC200: P 4,422,000
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 LC200 Premium: 4,845,000
  • There's an additional P 15,000 added for the White Pearl color variant

Toyota Land Cruiser Review in the Philippines

Toyota Land Cruiser Specs and Performance

The Toyota Land Cruiser is considered one of the most capable SUVs ever created, and also shares the 5.7L V8 engine with Toyota Tundra. It features a strong, solid body-on-frame design that's extremely well-equipped to handle all the tough, off-road conditions you'll encounter while driving.

Still not convinced? Fuel tank, skid plates on the on front suspension, and transfer case; front and rear heavy-duty mudguards; front and rear frame-mounted tow hooks; rain-sensing aerodynamic windshield wipers and intermittent rear wiper makes it one serious, off-roading beast.

It also features a Double Wishbone suspension system; a 4-link rear suspension with coil springs; stabilizer bar and a semi-floating axle that makes for a comfortable ride even while driving through your toughest, most challenging terrain adventure.

Toyota Land Cruiser Fuel Consumption

Whether choosing a new or second hand Toyota Land Cruiser for sale, it can be gas-eating, particularly when off-road driving. Here's a tip: if you're really serious about conquering all types of terrain with relative ease, choose the Land Cruiser; if you want to save more and go for fuel economy, skip this part and look for other SUV models instead.

New Toyota Land Cruiser fuel consumption:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2017: TBA
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2016: 6.3 km/L average rating
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2015: 6.2 km/L average rating
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2014: 6.9 km/L average rating

Second hand Toyota Land Cruiser fuel consumption:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2013: 6 km/L average rating
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2012: 6.6 km/L average rating
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2011: 6.2 km/L average rating
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2010: 6.2 km/L average rating

Toyota Land Cruiser Features

Toyota Land Cruiser Convenience and Entertainment Features

New or used Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs offer a lot of benefits for both passengers and drivers alike. Some of their most notable features include:

  • Heated steering wheel
  • 4-zone climate control
  • Dual illuminating mirrors
  • Internal air filtration
  • Electro chromatic rearview mirror
  • Cold storage compartments

Toyota Land Cruiser Safety Features

The newer models offer premium safety features that include a Pre-Collision system, 10 airbags (including second-row side airbags and front knee airbags), parking sensors, rearview camera, tire pressure monitors, and an anti-lock braking system customized for on- and off- road driving. The 2017 model has a new Safety Sense package that includes:

  • Frontal Collision Avoidance
  • Frontal Collision Mitigation
  • Lane Departure Alert
  • Auto High Beams
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
  • Stolen Vehicle Locator

Toyota Land Cruiser Design

Toyota Land Cruiser Interior

The Toyota Land Cruiser combines luxury and performance very well. Something to look forward to are the more stylish and luxurious interiors that's worth the heft price tag; upscale cabin that can seat eight people; seatbelts for three in the second row (40/20/40-split) and third row (50/50-split); lift gates that you can conveniently use without dusting your fingers. Other features include:

  • Trip computers
  • Separate second-row control panel
  • Individual temperature settings for driver
  • Four-zone automatic climate control
  • push-button controls
  • 2nd and 3rd row vents

Toyota Land Cruiser Exterior

This 6,000 pound mean machine is well-muscled, but not too rough and rugged in appearance. It's more like that strong silent cowboy in old Western films who speaks only three words during the entire film--and wins the girl in the end. Some notable external features include:

  • Variable rain sensing wipers
  • Power glass sunroofs
  • Skid plates
  • 18 x 8 alloy wheels
  • Towing ability of up to 8,100 pounds
  • Privacy glass and rear defoggers

Toyota Land Cruiser Color Options

The newer model comes in four standard color shades and additional colors available for pre-ordering:

  • Silver Metallic
  • Attitude Black Metallic
  • White Pearl

Additional Colors (for pre-ordering):

  • Copper Brown Mica
  • Dark Blue Mica
  • Dark Red Mica Metallic

Toyota Land Cruiser Pros and Cons

Take a look at some Toyota Land Cruiser advantages and disadvantages:

Toyota Land Cruiser Pros

  • The Toyota Land Cruiser has an incredible off-road ability due to its rugged and solid nature.
  • The Toyota Land Cruiser has a potent V8 engine that delivers amazing power and acceleration.
  • The Toyota Land Cruiser gets great ratings in terms of reliability, safety and overall quality.
  • The spacious cabin of the Toyota Land Cruiser is loaded with modern and advanced features.

Toyota Land Cruiser Cons

  • Due to its large engine and body size, the Toyota Land Cruiser has poor fuel economy rates.
  • The Toyota Land Cruiser has less cargo room than some competitors in the same class.
  • While the Toyota Land Cruiser is perfect for off-roading, the on-road handling is a bit soft.
  • Third row seats of the Toyota Land Cruiser are a bit cramped and eat into cargo space.

Toyota Land Cruiser Price List in the Philippines

You can expect the following prices for a new or Toyota Land Cruiser 2nd hand when you browse through our website:

New Toyota Land Cruiser in the Philippines

    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 200 A/T 4284000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 200 PREMIUM A/T 4705000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 A/T 4900000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 Bullet Proof A/T 9600000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 BULLETPROOF INKAS ARMOR A/T 9500000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 GX.R A/T 6600000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 LX 10 M/T 4750000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 LX M/T 4650000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 LX10 M/T 4200000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 M/T 4500000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 PLATINUM A/T 6300000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 PLATINUM EDITION A/T 6300000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 VX A/T 4699000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 VX DUBAI VERSION A/T 5500000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 VX PLATINUM A/T 5900000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 VX PLATINUM EDITION A/T 6588888
    Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 VX PLATINUM JBL A/T 6500000
    Toyota Land Cruiser 5.7 VX A/T 6380000

Second Hand Toyota Land Cruiser Price in the Philippines

  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 price in the Philippines: 2,500,000
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 price in the Philippines: P2,650,000
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2015 price in the Philippines: P2,800,000
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2014 price in the Philippines: P900,000

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