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Second Hand Cars for Sale Philippines

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The Philippines is literally a treasure trove of used cars for sale because its car industry is booming right now. Some of the country’s most popular vehicles include sedans, SUVs, pickups and multi-purpose vehicles.  The most established automotive companies today are mostly popular Japanese car manufacturers such as ToyotaMitsubishiIsuzuNissanMazda and Honda dominating the majority of automotive sales. Other well-known auto companies include the American manufacturers Chevrolet and Ford, Korea’s Hyundai, and Germany’s Audi. High-end car brands such as BMWMercedes-BenzPorsche and Jaguar are also beloved by many Filipino car enthusiasts. The good news is that the Philippines is home to some of these car manufacturers' assembly plants, so in effect, the prices of these locally-assembled cars are cheaper than the ones imported into the country. And if you factor in thousands of these used cars for sale Philippines in the mix, you'll easily see how much you'll get good, quality vehicles at spectacularly affordable second hand prices. What's more, you can easily find these 2nd hand cars for sale online, starting here:


Popular second hand cars for sale in the Philippines

Second hand Toyota for sale in the Philippines

Ask any Filipino what car brand he knows and he’ll definitely mention “Toyota” first, if not among the first, as the interconnected three-oval logo has become prominent on Philippine streets, from the Northern provinces down to the south. Toyota Motors Philippines is the biggest automotive company in the country and the market leader in terms of sales and vehicle lineup. In 1995, Toyota’s 82-hectare industrial complex in Santa Rosa, Laguna was designated as a Special Economic Zone, further strengthening the automaker’s place at the top spot in the industry. Read below to see some top used Toyota cars for sale in the Philippines:

  • Second Hand Toyota Innova- the Innova has been the country's favorite multi-purpose vehicle ever since it was launched in 2005. In fact, it's also a favorite among award-winning bodies, giving Toyota a lead in seven of the eight bestseller segments, including the Innova as the bestselling multipurpose vehicle in the country. This compact multi-purpose vehicle has been produced in Indonesia since 2003 as a replacement to the Kijang, and is one of three vehicles that fall under Toyota’s Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle platform.
  • Second Hand Toyota Vios- the intricate design and spaciousness of the Toyota Vios reflect the passion and car that went into its creation. The secret behind its impressive success in the Philippines comes from the fact that it has amazing key features, including affordability, reliability, stylish design and good performance.  In every aspect, it is the next-generation compact saloon that ushers in a new era of practical and stylish driving.
  • Second Hand Toyota Fortuner- the Fortuner is one of three vehicles that makes up Toyota’s Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle (IMV) Project, and launched a revolution in SUV style and comfort in the Philippines. It offers a seamless fusion of ruggedness and elegance, exuding strength and beauty at the same time. Those looking for a luxury SUV like no other will do well to own a Toyota Fortuner.
  • Second Hand Toyota Wigo- small doesn’t mean a vehicle is lacking in character; in fact, it's quite the opposite when it comes with the Toyota Wigo. Many have been surprised by just how tiny the Toyota Wigo is, but for its size, features, and price, the Toyota Wigo — especially its latest model, is a winning combination of elements that make for a perfectly practical small car.

Second hand Toyota Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Toyota Innova price: P700,000
  • Second hand Toyota Vios price: P450,000
  • Second hand Toyota Fortuner price: P600,000
  • Second hand Toyota Wigo price: P448,000


Second hand Mitsubishi for sale in the Philippines

Known for their quality vehicles that can perform both on the road and the race track, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation was officially established in the country in 1987, and recently moved from Cainta, Rizal to Sta. Rosa, Laguna as part of its expansion. Its alliances with other giant auto companies, such as Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Volvo has made it the second biggest automotive company in the Philippines, achieving a prominent reputation in the country’s auto industry even today. Below is a list of some popular used Mitsubishi cars for sale in the Philippines:

  • Second Hand Mitsubishi Lancer- the Mitsubishi Lancer is considered the oldest compact sedan in the segment, having been on the road for 10 years already. Curvier and more aggressive looking in its most recent design. Whether old or new, Lancer continues it quintessential sedan spirit, giving fun, affordability, convenience, and economical driving a run for their money.
  • Second Hand Mitsubishi Adventure- the Mitsubishi Adventure branded the vehicle “Today’s Family Wagon.” The statement was true then, and it remains true now. Mitsubishi’s quintessential AUV now comes with a current design that is a lot sleeker and less rugged than past iterations, but lovers of the past need not worry—the new Mitsubishi Adventure retains the qualities that made it’s such a hit in the first place.
  • Second Hand Mitsubishi Montero Sport- designed after the ‘sleek and stylish off-road SUV’ concept, the Montero Sport follows after the attributes of the luxurious Mitsubishi Pajero nameplate. The Montero was the second most purchased vehicle in the country in 2013, and Mitsubishi aims to build upon that success and establish the Montero as a leader in the SUV industry.
  • Second Hand Mitsubishi L300- One of the most enduring, vehicles in its class, the Mitsubishi L300 is beloved by many businesses and fleet managers alike, playing the role of a utilitarian workhorse to perfection. Versatile, with a reputation that stands the test of time, the L300 is the perfect vehicle for those who want a no-nonsense transport van that offers reliable performance and low maintenance costs.

Second hand Mitsubishi Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Mitsubishi Lancer price: P430,000
  • Second hand Mitsubishi Montero Sport price: P758,000
  • Second hand Mitsubishi Adventure price: P450,000
  • Second hand Mitsubishi L300 price: P535,000


Second hand Honda for sale in the Philippines

Honda for sale in the Philippines- the Honda Motor Company is the brainchild of Soichiro Honda, and his love for all things that move in four wheels led him to create the Honda that we’ve come to know—and love today. Known for creating high-quality, reliable, cars with the latest technology, Honda now stands as the fifth biggest automobile manufacturer in the world, blending fun, efficiency, and practicality in one attractive package. Discover some top used Honda cars for sale below:

  • Second Hand Honda Accord- first sold as a three-door hatchback and a four-door sedan, the Accord has evolved over the years, increased in size, and has been sold as a coupe, a sedan, and a cross tour in relatively that order. After many years, the Accord has established itself as a reliable car, with a spacious interior and great fuel economy that’s impressive in its segment. No wonder it has sold more than 10 million units since 2001. This car’s longevity in the automobile market has established its presence on Filipino roads, as it has been available in the Philippine market since 1998.
  • Second Hand Honda Jazz- The Honda Jazz made a lot of waves when it was first introduced in Japan in 2001, offering a large cargo space, comfortable interior and reliable performance in one package. It did so well that it didn't take long for it to be recognized for its quality and performance. It even won the Car of the Year in Japan in the same year it was introduced.
  • Second Hand Honda CR-V- the CR-V is a compact Sports Utility Vehicle manufactured and produced by the Japanese automaker Honda. Known for its abundance of standard and optional tech features, the Honda CR-V is praised for its comfortable cabin, modern exterior designs and excellent fuel efficiency on the road. This reliable SUV is ideal for families who value good quality for their money.
  • Second Hand Honda City- Honda City is considered one of the most popular vehicles in the Philippines, with tons of features that include better safety equipment, fuel efficiency, and luxurious interior features that actually feel more expensive than what you're paying for. Sitting between Jazz and Civic, it delivers excellent value for money through better fuel economy and a sleeker body that's quite rare in a car of its class.

Second hand Honda Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Honda CR-V price: P600,000
  • Second hand Honda Jazz price: P375,000
  • Second hand Honda City price: P450,000
  • Second hand Honda Accord price: P595,000


Second hand Hyundai for sale in the Philippines

Hyundai for sale in the Philippines- the Hyundai is one of the largest Korean car brands in the country that offers a wide selection of passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles in the country. Known as an alternative to the top Japanese brands in the country, Hyundai owns the largest car production plant in the world that’s located in Ulsan City, South Korea. Hyundai is known for creating major improvements in its safety system, car structure and performance, establishing innovations that have added a lot to its credibility over the years. Find some of the best used Hyundai cars for sale in the Philippines:

  • Second Hand Hyundai Elantra- the Hyundai Elantra is an award-winning car, even besting the Volkswagen Passat and Ford Focus when it bagged the “North American Car of the Year” award in 2016. Its flowing lines, sleek angles, and subtle curves give it a dynamic road presence that exudes balance and elegance on the road, while its innovative design, extra versatility, and efficient performance are impressive enough to earn the respect of many car critics and aficionados alike.
  • Second Hand Hyundai i10- the Hyundai i10 has gained a lot of praises from critics, even winning a few Car of the Year awards in some countries. This car is Hyundai's smallest offering to date, but with its stylish looks, a generously roomy interior and extremely low running costs, who would even notice? With the i10, owners can relax and enjoy maximum driving satisfaction with minimal effort and distraction.
  • Second Hand Hyundai Santa Fe- luxurious, fun, and stylish are just some of the words that describe the Hyundai Santa Fe. Many say that this car has traversed the unfamiliar territory between the premium and luxury crossover segment, promising the ultimate driving experience for drivers who want their cars to have a sporty, dynamic performance and a comfortable, urban driving experience at the same time.
  • Second Hand Hyundai Eon- Touted as an entry level city car, the Hyundai Eon is one of the latest entries in the subcompact hatchback segment from Asian and western car manufacturers. It has competed against other equally affordable and serviceable hatchbacks with its own set of perks and features, boasting of affordable prices and an attractive outer shell that turns a lot of heads when driven on Metro roads.

Second hand Hyundai Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Hyundai Elantra price: P550,000
  • Second hand Hyundai i10 price: P780,000
  • Second hand Hyundai Santa Fe price: P1,100,000
  • Second hand Hyundai Eon price: P248,000


Second hand Nissan for sale in the Philippines

Nissan for sale in the Philippines- Take it from Nissan to define what longevity in the industry means. This company has seen and experienced everything, and with over 80 years in operation under its belt, does it need any explaining? This superstar vehicle company shines as the fourth biggest automaker in the world, and even considered as the leading Japanese car brand in Russia, China, and Mexico. It also has a large following in the Philippines, expanding its product lineup as it strengthens its roster of services nationwide. Read further to discover some of the top Nissan cars for sale in the Philippines:

  • Second Hand Nissan Urvan- Initially called the Caravan when launched in 1973, the Nissan Urvan was initially meant to be a fleet or cargo van, but as the vehicle gained expanded use, Nissan eventually redesigned it to fit a variety of purposes.  With improvement to driving experience, extra spaciousness, and fuel economy, the Urvan will always have a special place for Filipinos whose culture revolves a lot on sharing experiences with family and friends.
  • Second Hand Nissan Sentra- the Nissan Sentra can serve as anyone's budget-friendly first car or a four-door family sedan. It sits quietly in the middle between affordability and quality, boasting of a decently powered engine, ample features, and more than enough good qualities to serve as the go-to vehicle for practical daily driving on busy Metro roads.
  • Second Hand Nissan Frontier- the Nissan Frontier is a midsize pickup truck that offers good cargo hauling as well as off-road capabilities. This dynamo established its current style in 2001 when it gained a more rugged appearance, focusing on a more beefy looking grille, clipped-on fender flares and nifty front air dam that intimidate -- as well as impresses -- onlookers when driven on the road.
  • Second Hand Nissan Altima- the Nissan Altima first started as a compact car with upscale leanings. It has since evolved into a confident midsize family sedan with innovative styling and sporty handling, replete with stellar fuel economy and a serene, relaxing cabin. In the process, it has become of the top marques of its class, and for good reason. Truly, the Altima has what it takes to compete with today’s classy midsize sedans.

Second hand Nissan Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Nissan Urvan price: P930,000
  • Second hand Nissan Sentra price: P365,000
  • Second hand Nissan Frontier price: P796,000
  • Second hand Nissan Altima price: P1,500,000


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