Honda to introduce new ‘breezy’ A/C on hybrid HR-V


Honda’s “Hip and Smart Runabout Vehicle” or HR-V, is one of the Japanese carmaker’s fastest-selling crossovers on both the local and global market.

This subcompact SUV was one of Honda’s answers to the changing needs of today’s generation of road users, making the HR-V a befitting platform to launch Honda’s latest innovations.

That said, Honda announced in a recent press release that it will establish new concepts in interior design and passenger amenities. To be featured in the next-gen hybrid HR-V will be a unique air-conditioning vents.

According to the automaker, the HR-V e:HEV will come with “with L-shaped vents positioned in the top corners of the dashboard, delivering the restorative effects of a natural breeze to all occupants.”


This feature will most likely have the greatest impact on the overall interior environment for passengers, and yet, it is the most subtle, Honda added.

The A/C will come with three modes which can be controlled using a discreet dial. The modes are: Normal, Air Diffusion System, and Close.

Normal mode works like your average car air-conditioning where the vents issue a forward-directed airflow.

When in Air Diffusion System mode, passengers can expect a discreet stream of air along the side of the windows, creating a breeze-like effect. Passengers sitting at the rear will also enjoy the same breezy experience through the air vents on the rear console outlet.

Meanwhile, when close is selected, the air is shut off.


The main purpose of this feature is to help maintain optimal temperature in the cabin, regardless of the weather condition.

"This idea was born from the concept of designing light and wind to improve passenger comfort. We set out to eradicate as many areas of discomfort as possible by using nature as our inspiration. This new ventilation configuration resolves a disparity in traditional vent configurations, where passengers often feel uncomfortable with air flowing directly onto them. The result is a sense of airiness, with a more comfortable internal environment for all occupants," said Honda Large Project Leader Yoshitomo Ihashi.

Not only will the new hybrid HR-V show you what a “cool” interior really is but it was also designed to maximize the space this hybrid compact crossover has to offer.

Following Honda’s “Man-Maximum, Machine-Minimum” (M/M) development principle, the carmaker packaged all of HR-V e:HEV’s hybrid drivetrain components within the chassis and engine bay and positioned the fuel tank beneath the front seats.

The seats will feature mat-structure support replacing Honda’s previous seating setup. The company says that the new seat arrangement was designed and engineered to reduce fatigue during long drives and increase comfort in everyday use.

We’d love to see the hybrid HR-V for ourselves and test Honda’s new air conditioning concept while driving under the scorching sun, in heavy traffic.

The HR-V e:HEV will be made available in Europe later this year.

Photos from Honda

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