iX appears on BMW PH website, i4 on BMW MY site


The BMW i4 Gran Coupé and iX are going on a world tour. Recently, the German carmaker announced the i4 and iX's US debut in June. Even more recent is the electric sedan's appearance in BMW's Malaysia website.  

The i4 Gran Coupé's upcoming Asian arrival can suggest (or cause the speculation) that it might call the Philippines as its next destination. 

The model comes after its SUV sibling, the iX, also appeared on the same website (bmw.com.my). Interestingly, the iX can also be seen on BMW Philippines' website, too. 


Malaysians can register their interest for the electric four door at their country's site, while Filipinos can do the same for the iX here.  

The i4 GC with its 530hp e-motor can allow it to sprint from zero to 100 kph in just four seconds. Fully charged, the car has an estimated range of 590 kilometers. 

"Optimized aerodynamics" will help the car achieve that range. The aerodynamic bits apparent are the covered (and controversial) BMW grille, and the wheels with bigger spokes (probably to stop air from flowing into the wheel wells and causing drag.) 


As befitting a BMW, its driving experience will be made more engaging by a balanced weight distribution, which "will enable a high level of agility and precision."

The agility will be further increased by the fine-tuning of the drive and suspension components of the i4. Spring and damping systems will also "ensure optimum road contact and a high cornering stability," BMW said. 

Aside from seating for four, the i4 interior will feature iDrive 8, the newest version of BMW’s infotainment. The iDrive 8 can be controlled with voice and dialogue-based commands, or by touch via the BMW Curved Display screen. 

The iX also gets iDrive 8. The iX is touted as a "sports activity vehicle" that has a range of around 480 kilometers from it two electric motors, which also has 500hp. Its zero to 100 time also comes under five seconds.

The BMW Group said that it plans to have some two million fully electric vehicles on roads worldwide by 2025.


Photos from BMW, screengrab from bmw.com.my

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