The highs and lows of the Hyundai Tucson


Before the popularity of smaller crossovers, compact SUVs like the Hyundai Tucson were all the rage.

Today in Hyundai's lineup, the spotlight has been focused on the Kona and Venue, which are basically raised hatchbacks that contest in the subcompact crossover segment.

That's said, surely the Tucson still has qualities that make it memorable. The model ranges in price from P1.368 to P1.885 million, with four variants to choose from (GL 6MT and AT, CRDi GL and GLS). 


1. Diesel economy and performance

While the Tucson GL cars get a two-liter gas engine with 153hp and 190Nm of torque, it's the CRDi engine that makes the Tucson a standout in its segment. 

Two diesel variants pack a turbocharged two-liter diesel mill, which makes 185hp and 400Nm of torque and uses an eight-speed auto.


With an impressive torque figure, it will be easier for the engine to shift all of the Tucson's cargo and five passengers, all the while reaching double-digit fuel consumption figures. 

And for traditionalists who still long for three pedals, the base-model Tucson GL uses a six-speed manual transmission. That's another rarity in the segment. 

2. It covers the basics

The Tucson's equipment list may lead one to realize how unnecessarily equipped modern cars are these days. 


The GLS features an audio with auxiliary, USB, and Bluetooth, which has a seven-inch display that projects the image from the reversing camera, and an electric driver's seat. A button awakens, or puts to sleep, the CRDi engine.

The Tucson CRDi GL and the GL cover the basics with 17-inch alloy wheels, a 3.8-inch radio display, and fabric seats.


1. No four-wheel drive

For those who drive on rough terrain on a regular basis, the Tucson might not make it to their shortlist. The price of the top-spec GLS also puts the Tucson in the price range of bigger, pickup-based SUVs.


While many such SUVs are rear-wheel drive, they offer more ground clearance and a tougher chassis. 

Being front-wheel drive only makes the Tucson a harder sell against the smaller, more affordable Kona and Venue. Those two cars use FWD, as well.

2. There's already a new model

Although the local Hyundai distributor hasn't yet to announce plans to bring it in the Philippines soon, what's sure is that the new Tucson looks thoroughly modern. The powertrain and in-car tech are likely to be equally as fresh.



There's a reason why the Kona and Venue see more sales success: they offer the same equipment and FWD as the Tucson, in exchange for a more affordable price — if smaller in footprint and space.

The Tucson is a decent choice, but with the presence of its next generation, buying the current car would equate to spending millions for an old car. 


We think this car makes more sense as a used buy, with values ranging from a high of P500,000 to P900,000. 

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Hyundai Tucson
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