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Second Hand Cars for Sale in Philippines

Currently, 2371 Second Hand Cars for Sale in Philippines. Find great deals on good condition 2371 Second Hand Cars for Sale in Philippines with price, features, images and specifications. Check out the largest stock of used Cars all over the Philippines, starting at ₱30,000 only.

2371 Used Cars available for sale in the Philippines, the cheapest used car is Pride for ... Read More

2371 Used Cars available for sale in the Philippines, the cheapest used car is Pride for ₱30,000 and the most expensive one is Ghost for ₱42 Million. Get great deals and promos on second hand cars for sale in Philippines, view detailed price list (DP & Monthly Installment), reviews, fuel consumption, images, specifications, variant details & more. Select your favorite drive out of available 2371 Used cars and make your dream come true of buying your own car.

With a boom in the sale of used cars in recent times, owing to the practice of social distancing in COVID-19 times, the Philippines car market is only evolving with a ray of positivity ahead. Currently, as per our records, there are a total of 3493 used cars that are certified and fit for plying on the Filipino roads. The bracket of these used cars has a variety of options to choose from, ranging from a pre-generation Mitsubishi Lancer to the mighty Rolls Royce Phantom. Follow this space to check out all the worthy options in used cars, their detailed price bifurcation including monthly installments, down-payment, and their complete data, including specifications, images, and features.

Used Cars for Sale Philippines

The Philippines might be a small country in terms of geographical area, however, when it comes to usage of vehicles, this small nation has always shown a lot of potential in the past as well as in current times. It is the boom of car sales in the country which has encouraged all the major players of the car industry to venture into the Philippines car market. Out of all the major car players, the majority of domination has been achieved by Japanese giants which have large global footprints, like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan. However, thanks to amazing potential and changing trends, other global carmakers from West and Europe, like Ford, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet too have emerged out as major volume garners. And thanks to increasing economy, even luxury car makers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Jaguar-Land Rover have been witnessing an uptick in their respective growth figures.

This rise in sales of new cars and the emergence of new players in the market has seen a consequent growth of used cars in the country as well. With a ratio of 1:1, the sales of used cars in comparison to that of new cars is quite an overwhelming sign in terms of economy and employment opportunities as well. Currently, the market is flooded with used cars, both locally assembled and imported models, which are giving all buyers a list of varied and practical options to choose from.

Popular Used cars for sale in the Philippines

Used Toyota for sale in the Philippines

The one carmaker in the Philippines which has managed to earn the respect and faith of customers in the country is the Japanese giant Toyota. Currently, the largest carmaker in the world in terms of volumes of the vehicles it sells, Toyota has played the same card of QDR (Quality, Durability, and Reliability) for the Philippines car market as it has been doing in other car markets now for a very long time. It is this QDR factor in its offerings in the long run that encourages more customers to opt for Toyota, owing to minimum hassle in after-sales experience, in terms of ease of servicing and minimal service costs.

  • Toyota has been selling a host of vehicles in the Philippines car market for a long time now, ranging from small entry-level hatchbacks and sedans to more premium SUVs, sedans, and sports coupes. Though there are some models of it that have gained a solid reputation in the used car market. Read below to see some top used Toyota cars for sale in the Philippines:
  • Ever since its launch for the first time back in 2005, the Toyota Innova has been an instant hit and the success story of this ultra-reliable and comfortable MPV has never gone south in its entire run which is still in continuation. The Toyota Innova has been the most preferred option for large families and fleet owners for its typical MPV-ish traits of comfort, reliability of parts, components, and low service costs.
  • For those who want a big car experience of a traditional three-box saloon, the Toyota Vios has been a much-preferred option in the used car space. Available for a price as low as that of a new entry-level hatchback, the Toyota Vios ranks high in back seat comfort, ease of driving, refinement of its engine, and low maintenance costs.
  • With the Fortuner, Toyota has proven that every big thing on wheels is not expensive when it comes to ownership costs. The Toyota Fortuner is one perfect example of how every big SUV should be – it looks butch and luxurious, is comfortable enough for both short and long runs, has bullet-proof reliability to vouch for, and has a sensible ownership experience which can shame cars from even one segment below. For those who are looking for a macho-looking premium car in the used car space, the Toyota Fortuner has been one top-shot choice for all the factors aforementioned.
  • For those who are on a tight budget and want a car strictly for urban runabouts, the Toyota Wigo has been one no-nonsense choice in the used car market. Combine the friendly driving experience owing to its compact dimensions and peppy powertrain with Toyota’s legendary after-sales experience, and the Toyota Wigo makes huge sense for those looking out for owning a car for the very first time.

Second hand Toyota Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Toyota Innova price: P700,000
  • Second hand Toyota Vios price: P450,000
  • Second hand Toyota Fortuner price: P600,000
  • Second hand Toyota Wigo price: P448,000

Used Mitsubishi Cars for sale in the Philippines

While Mitsubishi might be struggling to get back its lost grounds in a majority of global markets, the Japanese giant is going strong in the Philippines car market owning to its good business approach and affordable and practical cars it has been selling here in the country. With a very rich pedigree in motorsports and off-road driving technologies, Mitsubishi has had some seriously good and capable products in the past. Primarily SUVs and crossovers, Mitsubishis are still looked out with a lot of desirability in the used car market. Following is a list of some popular used Mitsubishi cars for sale in the Philippines.

  • Known for its immense capabilities when it comes to driving dynamics, the Mitsubishi Lancer has always attracted pure driving enthusiasts, and that includes all the generations it has been launched here in Philippines in the past. The model is no longer on sale, but still is highly desired in the used car market for its practical and thrilling-to-drive character.
  • While a majority of modern MPVs like Honda BR-V, Suzuki XL7 and Mitsubishi’s very own Xpander Cross are giving the additional versatility of SUVs in visual appeal, it was the Mitsubishi Adventure which actually started this trend. For its large proportions, spacious cabin and rugged mechanical underpinnings, the Mitsubishi Adventure is a highly sought after model in the used car market.
  • With the Montero Sport, Mitsubishi successfully tried to instill its rich history of off-road prowess from the mighty Pajero in a much smaller but very modern offering. This large SUV looks butch and has fuss-free mechanicals, which are the two most sought after traits which people look in a used big SUV.
  • For the small business operators and fleet runners in commercial vehicle space who are tight on their budgets but want a reliable and trouble-free vehicle to use as a load hauler, the Mitsubishi L300 is one very sensible option to look for. The low maintenance costs and frugal diesel engine of the Mitsubishi L300 gracefully mask its very utilitarian visual appeal in and out, and brilliantly serves its purpose of a load carrier.

Second hand Mitsubishi Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Mitsubishi Lancer price: P430,000
  • Second hand Mitsubishi Montero Sport price: P758,000
  • Second hand Mitsubishi Adventure price: P450,000
  • Second hand Mitsubishi L300 price: P535,000

Used Honda Cars for sale in the Philippines

Like Toyota, another Japanese car maker which has highly focused on the aspects of reliability, refinement of its engines and quality in its cars is Honda. Originally a brainchild of Soichiro Honda from Japan, Honda might not be having cars with smashing looks and features like its other counterparts. However, the fact that they have best petrol engines in the world in terms of refinement and reliability and the graceful impact which their cars possess are reasons good enough to select them in the used car space. Discover some top used Honda cars for sale below:

  • For those who want a quintessential experience of a premium and big three-box sedan with back seat comfort and seats as good as that from much more premium German luxury brands, Honda has its answer lying in the Accord. The Philippines car market has seen multiple generation models of Accord in the past, and all the samples of Honda Accord are available in the used car market at quite attractive price points.
  • It was the Honda Jazz which managed to make the people of Philippines believe that a hatchback can be premium, spacious and desirable as a sedan. With its MPV-ish like space and flexibility options for its seats, the Honda Jazz has got Honda’s smallest petrol engine which is as good as its other bigger engines in terms of refinement and peppy nature.
  • For those who want the tall driving dynamics of an SUV without the expense of having a harsh and bumpy ride quality on smoothest of tarmacs, the Honda CR-V is one perfect option which is highly revered in the used car market. With it car like driving mannerisms and tall ground clearance, the Honda CR-V is one hugely practical SUV which can be had at the price as low as that of a new small hatchback in the used car space.
  • Last but not the least, the Honda City has been one legendary model for the Japanese car brand in all the markets where it has its presence, primarily the Asian ones. The Honda City opened the gates of experience a premium three-box experience without stretching much in terms of budget. It is the ease of driving, creamy smooth engine and immense back seat comfort, which makes the Honda City an undisputable king in the entry level sedan space, both in new as well as used car markets.

Second hand Honda Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Honda CR-V price: P600,000
  • Second hand Honda Jazz price: P375,000
  • Second hand Honda City price: P450,000
  • Second hand Honda Accord price: P595,000

Used Hyundai Cars for sale in the Philippines

Slowly but finally, the Korean car maker Hyundai is now on the right track when it comes to offering cars which are desirable enough for first time as well as additional car owners. All the modern offerings from Hyundai are a good combination of refinement and reliability of its Japanese peers as well as equipment and fit and finish levels of the players from the West. However, in the past too, Hyundai have had some models which have stood the tide of changing times and are proving to be reliable and decent options in the used car market as well. Here are some of the best used Hyundai cars for sale in the Philippines:

  • The global bestseller from Hyundai, the Elantra executive sedan is considered to be a jack of all trades, owing to its great balance of design, drive-ability, performance and comfort. The sedan has been one of the best looking samples in the executive sedan space, and is a worthy option to the likes of Honda Civic and Chevrolet Cruze in the used car market. 
  • The Hyundai Grand Starex might not have a legendary history as that of the established sub brands from its Japanese counterparts, like Toyota and Nissan. However, this large MPV from Hyundai has proven its mettle by offering a great sense of space and practicality on the inside, which is the first and foremost trait which people look in used MPVs. 
  • The Hyundai Tucson might not have the ruggedness and go anywhere ability of the likes of say, Toyota Fortuner and Ford Everest. However, like the Honda CR-V, the Hyundai Tucson also possesses car like driving mannerisms, which make it a perfect companion in urban environment or for long highway trips.
  • Primarily looked after in the used car market by those who are extremely tight on budget or want just another micro hatchback for serving their small urban runabouts, the Hyundai Eon is one of the biggest hits which Hyundai has delivered in the past. Don’t let the compact dimensions and cheap price points fool you, as the Hyundai Eon shows no compromise when it comes to build quality and features. However, the rear seat space feels cramped and the engine isn’t as enthusiastic to rev.

Second hand Hyundai Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Hyundai Elantra price: P550,000
  • Second hand Hyundai i10 price: P780,000
  • Second hand Hyundai Santa Fe price: P1,100,000
  • Second hand Hyundai Eon price: P248,000

Used Nissan Cars for sale in the Philippines

If there is one car maker in the Philippines car market which shows what consistency means, it should be Nissan. The Japanese car maker is nowhere close to its arch rival Toyota when it comes to pure numbers in recent times, but then, it has been able to maintain the consistency by offering decent products across varied segments, starting from an entry level sedan to one of the most iconic supercars of the world. Read further to discover some of the top used Nissan cars for sale in the Philippines:

  • The Nissan NV 350 Urvan has been a popular choice among commercial vehicle owners, and even today, without much significant changes in its design and mechanicals in all these years, the minivan from Nissan is still going strong and unshakable. The sense of space on the inside, reliable mechanicals and overall simplicity of it should appeal to the used car buyers.
  • Ever since its launch, the Nissan Almera has not given a tough fight to entry level sedans, but also many hatchbacks, thanks to its aggressive pricing matched with the great sense of space it provides on the inside. The car might not feel updated in today’s times with lack of many new features and a dated design. However, for those who want a car with big footprints at a much lower price in the used car market, the Nissan Almera is one perfect option to consider.
  • It was the Nissan Navara, with which Nissan cemented its position among lifestyle pickup trucks and eradicated its long silences from the segment of the same. The rough and tough stance of the Nissan Navara, coupled with its rugged mechanicals and good ergonomics on the inside, has made it a popular option in the second hand lifestyle pickup truck segment.
  • The X-Trail is to Nissan, what the CR-V is to Honda and Tucson is to Hyundai – a refined and urban looking crossover with a stance of an SUV and mannerisms of a sedan. It is easily the most SUV-looking among all the crossovers on sale in the country, and has been one of the initial and most popular models from Nissan in the crossover segment. This is the reason why it is loved by the used car buyers as well.

Second hand Nissan Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Nissan Urvan price: P930,000
  • Second hand Nissan Sentra price: P365,000
  • Second hand Nissan Frontier price: P796,000
  • Second hand Nissan Altima price: P1,500,000

Used Mazda Cars for sale in the Philippines

With its all-new generation of cars which have a keen focus on the aspect of design and plushness for the interiors, Mazda has shown to the common masses that they don’t need to compromise on the factor of luxury when it comes to buying affordable cars. All of its offerings are currently the benchmarks when it comes to richness in the way they look on the outside and feel on the inside. Many of the recent examples of Mazda are already on sale in the used car market. Let’s have a look on the most popular models of used Mazda cars for sale in the Philippines:

  • Among all of the crossovers from Mazda, it is the CX-5 which is being looked out for in the used car market. The midsize crossover, with its suave looks and premium interiors can give any premium SUV from Europe a run for its money. The high ground clearance of the Mazda CX-5 too doesn’t come in the way of how well its driving mannerisms are.
  • The Mazda BT-50 might not be as cool looking in and out as compared to the rest of its siblings from the Mazda lineup. However, when you compare it to the other lifestyle pickups, it matches them shoulder to shoulder when it comes to ruggedness and tough visual appeal. It is not as popular in the used car market as the likes of Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara, but still makes up for a very sensible purchase.
  • When it was launched for the very first time in the Philippines, the Mazda 3 sedan shattered all the benchmarks in the executive sedan space with its lustrous design and super plush cabin packed with features. Look out for this sedan seriously in the used car market if you stumble upon a fine example, for it can put even some of the German luxury sedans to shame with its overall appeal.
  • Like its sedan counterpart, the recently launched Mazda 3 hatchback too is in great demand in the used car market, as it too is quite a looker like the former. The hatchback, with its curvaceous appeal and low slung stance, makes up for a very sporty purchase even in its previous generation avatars. It can prove to be a great alternative if you are looking for a premium hatchback at the price of a compact hatchback.

Second hand Mazda Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Mazda CX-5 price: P550,00
  • Second hand Mazda BT-50 price: P760,000
  • Second hand Mazda 3 Sedan price: P250,000
  • Second hand Mazda 3 Hatchback price: P418,000

Used Subaru Cars for sale in the Philippines

Like Mitsubishi, another Japanese car brand Subaru has a very rich history when it comes to making sedans and crossovers inspired from its legendary rally cars. All of the Subarus are highly revered by driving enthusiasts for the amazing driving dynamics they are blessed with. The fine balance of chassis and punchy powertrains make the cars from Subaru desirable options for those who wish to spend most of their times behind the steering wheel. The Philippines used car market has got some fine examples of used Subaru cars for sale, which you should look out for:

  • The Subaru Forester is single handedly responsible for the elevation of crossover culture among the car manufacturers and Philippines car market in a whole. One of the early birds in the category of crossovers, the Subaru Forester tried to infuse the positive traits of a large SUV and sedan in one single package, in which it succeeded a lot. Many old generation models of the Subaru Forester are present there in the used car market of Philippines.
  • Subaru tried to move up the ladder and introduced slightly more premium and modern crossovers over the Forester, and the XV was one of the leaders among those offerings. With an updated design language, better comfort levels and more equipment over the Forester, the Subaru XV began to excite more premium buyers in the Philippines car market. One can find a fine and well maintained example of Subaru XV at good bargains.
  • Along with the Subaru XV, the Subaru Outback too gained a considerable amount of popularity for its more mature approach towards design and premium feel for the cabin. The back seat comfort of the Subaru Outback is considered to be as good as sedans of the same price range. For those who wish to have a crossover with sedan like comfort levels, he/she should consider the Subaru Outback in the used car market.
  • The Subaru WRX is a legend in itself, deriving technology and driving appeal straight off from its legendary rally-oriented siblings. Packed with a gem of an engine and excellent chassis, the Subaru WRX is a driver’s delight, and finding a pristine example in the used car market at a low price can be a task to conquer. 

Second hand Subaru Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Subaru Forester price: P287,000
  • Second hand Subaru XV price: P293,000
  • Second hand Subaru Outback price: P588,000
  • Second hand Subaru WRX price: P1,320,000

Used Ford Cars for sale in the Philippines

The non-Japanese car maker which has gained as much reputation and traction in the Philippines car market in all these years is Ford. One of the oldest car makers of the world, Ford is also one of the pioneers among car makers in Philippines. While the previous decades was dominated mostly by its range of sedans and hatchbacks, off late, there is a considerable shift from Ford towards SUVs, something which is paying them off pretty well. There are innumerable options in market for used ford cars, including the now-defunct hatchbacks and sedans too:

  • The model which changed the entire scenario of sub-compact and compact SUVs in one go at the time of its launch, the Ford Ecosport is still going strong. Many first generation samples of the Ford Ecosport are present in the used car market, which do offer the additional versatility of an SUV with high ground clearance and a tough design over similarly priced hatchbacks.
  • One of the most popular full size SUVs in the budget end of the car market, the Ford Everest too is one of the longest selling models in Philippines. Originally built around the basic chassis of Ford Ranger, the Ford Everest is an SUV version of the same, and is known for its rugged nature and quintessential American appeal in its design. One can find a decade and a half old Ford Everest at a price which can make one think buying a new entry level hatchback a secondary decision.
  • Like the Everest, its lifestyle pickup version, the Ford Ranger too has been in the Philippines car market for a very long time. And over the years, it has evolved quite brilliantly from a basic no-frills vehicle to a plush lifestyle vehicle as of today. The Ford Ranger is a very good alternative to the likes of Japanese lifestyle pickup trucks in the used car market as well, with well-maintained examples on sale.
  • While Ford might have done with hatchbacks and sedans now, the Ford Fiesta hatchback will always be remembered as one of the finest handling cars in the hatchback segment. Several drivers still go gaga over the Ford Fiesta for the lovable chassis, including its stiff suspension setup and precise steering, thus making it a driver’s car. There are many examples of Ford Fiesta in the used car market, and that’s the only way one can have his hands on this lovely car.

Second hand Ford Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Ford Ecosport price: P370,000
  • Second hand Ford Everest price: P365,000
  • Second hand Ford Ranger price: P450,000
  • Second hand Ford Fiesta hatchback price: P295,000

Used Suzuki Cars for sale in the Philippines

Primarily a maker of small and entry level cars, Suzuki has tasted decent success in the Philippines car market, if not as humongous as its other Japanese peers. There have been a few models in the past from Suzuki (some of which are still going strong in the latest generations), which have been great volume bringers and considerable options for mostly first time car buyers This is the reason why Suzukis have a decent presence in the used car market as well, and are looked after by those who want a car which is easy to drive and maintain. Following are some of the top used Suzuki cars:

  • The Suzuki APV is not a pretty looking vehicle in and out by any means, however, this little compact MPV is quite a versatile option for those large families which are looking out for a practical, small and affordable option in the MPV segment. Available at a price even lower than that of an entry level hatchback in the used car market, the Suzuki APV is a frills free but practical option worth considering.
  • The Suzuki Swift is easily the model which has transformed the brand altogether in whichever market the Japanese car maker has its presence in. With its sporty intentions both in the way it looks and performs, the Suzuki Swift came out as a perfect upgrade for all the micro-hatchback owners. The Suzuki Swift is a huge hit in the used car market too, and is one of the most loved cars among enthusiasts who want a cheap but thrilling-to-drive option.
  • The Suzuki Grand Vitara was one option with which the Japanese car maker tried to have its own pie in the premium crossover segment. However, it was unable to taste that amount of success as enjoyed by its other peers like Nissan X-Trail and Honda CR-V, despite having a much more capable chassis under its skin. For those who want a butch looking and decently modern SUV/crossover, the Suzuki Grand Vitara, with all its simplicity, is worth looking for.
  • While Honda City is the undisputable king of the entry level sedan space, the Suzuki Ciaz has been giving a neck to neck fight to it, owing to its much more affordable price point, more amount of space on the inside and cheaper maintenance costs. For the price of a new hatchback, one can buy a used Suzuki Ciaz which is a couple of years older, making the deal even sweeter.

Second hand Suzuki Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Suzuki APV price: P250,000
  • Second hand Suzuki Swift price: P250,000
  • Second hand Suzuki Grand Vitara price: P358,000
  • Second hand Suzuki Ciaz price: P415,000

Used Chevrolet Cars for sale in the Philippines

The arch rival of Ford in the USA, Chevrolet, too has tasted decent amount of success in the Philippines car market, if not more than Ford. One of the most legendary brands in the car world, Chevrolet might have lost its sheen and packed its bags from a few markets it had its presence in, in the last few years. However, when it comes to Philippines car market, it is performing decently well, and has a range of entry level hatchbacks to exotic sports cars to choose from in both new and used car markets. However, a majority of the popular used Chevrolet cars for sale in the market are UVs which are as follows:

  • While the used car market is flooded with a majority of UVs from Chevrolet, the Sail sedan from the American car maker has always been one consistent name here and still continues to be a decent volume bringer for the brand. The spacious cabin and decent features on board makes it a worthy option for those who are looking for a hatchback, but want a car with slightly bigger impression.
  • Currently, leading the lifestyle pickup from the brand Chevrolet, the Colorado is essentially a pickup version of the Chevrolet Trailblazer. With its butch visual appeal and super premium feel on the inside, the Chevrolet Colorado matches the desirability of Ford Ranger in a whole, though not as reliable as the latter. The used car market has begun to witness affordable samples of Chevrolet Colorado which are available at a fraction of price as compared to the new one from showroom.
  • Before the advent of the Chevrolet Trailblazer, it was the Chevrolet Captiva which ruled the SUV lineup of the American car maker in the lower price bands. The Chevrolet Captiva is a decent crossover to look for in the used car market for its versatility of a seven seater vehicle and big car appeal. Though, the availability of spare parts of the Captiva can be a concern for many.
  • With the Trailblazer, Chevrolet has managed to rise from the ashes and represent its image as a good SUV maker. Originally based on the Isuzu mu-X, the Chevrolet Trailblazer gets its own design language over the former, and thankfully, retains the reliable mechanical underpinnings of the mu-X. It is the factor of reliability which has given a solid reputation to the Chevrolet Trailblazer, thus helping it in commanding good resale value in the used car space.

Second hand Chevrolet Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Chevrolet Sail price: P358,000
  • Second hand Chevrolet Colorado price: P677,000
  • Second hand Chevrolet Captiva price: P190,000
  • Second hand Chevrolet Trailblazer price: P550,000

Used Kia Cars for sale in the Philippines

Apart from its own self, Hyundai has made its game plan aggressive for the Philippines car market along with its sister concern, Kia. The Korean car brand has an image and reception levels as good as that of Hyundai, and is perceived to offer reliable and plush offerings in the car market, if not more than the traditional Japanese rivals. Kia has been in existence in the Philippines car market now for more than one and a half decade, which explains the popularity of following used Kia car models in the space:

  • Starting off with the smallest of all the Kia models to have ever gone on sale in the Philippines car market, the Kia Picanto was and still continues to be gateway to the brand Kia. With its brilliant fit and finish levels, the Kia Picanto has an edge over other similarly priced hatchbacks. This overall feel of a better build quality will surely appeal to many people who are out for buying a used car.
  • Like the Picanto, the Kia Rio too offers a premium and plush experience in the entry level sedan category, which is now considered to be the most sought after category of cars after compact crossovers. The good build quality as well as presence of many premium features has made the Kia Rio a worthy option to consider if someone is looking for a used three box sedan.
  • Though it has not sold in numbers as great as Honda CR-V or Toyota Fortuner, the Kia Sportage is equally good as other modern crossovers and SUVs when it comes to overall packaging. The earlier models of the Kia Sportage might not have been as plush and premium as the current one, but they are still reliable and long lasting enough to make your used car purchase a wise decision.
  • The Kia Grand Carnival has the word ‘grand’ in its name for a reason. The ubiquitously big and premium MPV from Kia is packed with goodies and has immense amount of space to put some of the much more premium MPVs from luxury brands to shame. The used car market has some fine samples of Kia Grand Carnival, which look like a better buy as compared to a brand new midsize crossover of same price.

Second hand Kia Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Kia Picanto price: P190,000
  • Second hand Kia Rio price: P208,000
  • Second hand Kia Sportage price: P118,000
  • Second hand Kia Grand Carnival price: P570,000

Used Isuzu Cars for sale in the Philippines

Contrary to what Suzuki has been in the Philippines car market – a primary car maker of small hatchbacks and MPVs, another Japanese car manufacturer Isuzu has been focusing solely on big MPVs and UVs. This aspect positions itself as a niche name among all of its Japanese peers, and has its target audience as those people who have large families or looking out for fleet vehicles for commercial usages. Isuzu used car has a few good examples of reliable MPVs and UVs in the used car market, which offer as good long lasting feel as the other Japanese vehicles in the same price band:

  • Once a popular choice among entry level large MPVs, the Isuzu Crosswind might now be a thing of the past. But it is its frills free nature which derived its image of being a reliable and built to last vehicle. The Isuzu Crosswind is a top favorite for fleet operators in the used car market, second to the Toyota Innova, though unlike the former, it feels a bit crude and raw.
  • The Isuzu MU-X is the latest SUV on the block from the Japanese UV giant, which has built a solid reputation of having a strong and punchy diesel engine which is good enough to last long mileage. The SUV might not be as contemporary or rich in terms of features as compared to its rivals, but for someone who is looking out for a robust and modern SUV, it makes a strong case for itself.
  • The Isuzu D-Max has withstood the tide of times and ever since its inception in the Philippines car market, it has been one consistent volume bringer for Isuzu. The most successful model from Isuzu, the D-Max commands a high resale value in the used car market for its low maintenance costs, frugal and reliable diesel engine and SUV like stance.
  • In current times, the Isuzu Alterra might look like a terribly dated proposition and we thank Isuzu for replacing it with the much better MU-X. However, despite its terribly dated exterior and interior design, the Isuzu Alterra is considered by many owing to its ease of maintaining and butch stance, which is not much present at its price in the used car market. 

Second hand Isuzu Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Isuzu Crosswind price: P315,000
  • Second hand Isuzu MU-X price: P550,000
  • Second hand Isuzu D-Max price: P658,000
  • Second hand Isuzu Alterra price: P488,000

Used Mercedes-Benz for sale in the Philippines

Among all the luxury car manufacturers, Mercedes Benz is one name which has a prominent presence in the used car market as well as Philippines car market in a whole. One of the most aspirational car brands currently in the world, Mercedes Benz has always been a top pick among the ultra-rich car buyers not only in the Philippines, but in the rest of the parts of the world as well.

The cars from Mercedes Benz are known for their reliability and long lasting appeal, something which is not a usual trait among high end cars. The used car market has a considerable amount of sedan options from Mercedes Benz which are priced as low as half of the price of a new entry level hatchback. Here are some commonly found used Mercedes Benz car models in the Philippines:

  • While in recent times, the CLA-Class might have taken the position of the most affordable sedan from Mercedes Benz, it was the C-Class which held this title for a very long time in the Philippines. The C-Class might be an entry level offering by Mercedes Benz’s standards, but it is a proper executive luxury saloon which has a high demand in the used car space.
  • When it comes to popularity, there is no other model as well-renowned as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class in the luxury car circuits. This midsize sedan for Mercedes-Benz is well-perceived by the rich businessmen and top executives of various companies. The used car market is one perfect opportunity to experience the luxurious experience offered by the Mercedes-Benz E-Class for a fraction of the price of a new one.
  • The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is known as the best car of the world for a reason – there is hardly any fault which one can find in this car (if you keep its eye watering price aside). However, if you are really set back by the sky-rocketing price of a new Mercedes Benz S-Class, the used car market has some well-maintained examples at a price of a new midsize sedan.
  • The badass Mercedes-Benz G-Class, popularly known as G-Wagon, offers the best of both the worlds of luxury motoring and off-road drive-ability. The iconic design coupled with immensely luxurious cabin and features makes the Mercedes-Benz G-Class the most prominent luxury SUV in the used car market, despite the arrival of many new modern SUVs in the luxury end of the market.

Second hand Mercedes-Benz Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand Mercedes-Benz C-Class price: P390,000
  • Second hand Mercedes-Benz E-Class price: P158,000
  • Second hand Mercedes-Benz S-Class price: P320,000
  • Second hand Mercedes-Benz G-Class price: P2,980,000

Used BMW Cars for sale in the Philippines

Apart from Mercedes-Benz, another luxury brand which hails from Germany and has a reputation and presence in the used car space as solid as the former is BMW. The arch rival of Mercedes-Benz, BMW too started with making well-built sedans which do offer slightly better driving dynamics and now has a whole range of products from hatchbacks to sports coupes. There are a number of used BMW cars for sale in the market, including very old and a couple of last generation models, but are in acceptable in terms of quality and condition. Here are the most popular ones from BMW in the used car market:

  • The BMW 3-Series sedan is to BMW what the C-Class is to Mercedes-Benz. Both these cars entered in the Philippines car market at almost the same time. However, while the Mercedes-Benz scores heavily on the back seat comfort, the BMW 3-Series sedan impresses with its experience behind the steering wheel. The used car market has got a few good conditioned 3-Series sedan, if you want a good and well-built German luxury car.
  • With the 5-Series sedan, BMW understood the importance of back seat comfort in the luxury sedan segment. However, thankfully, it continues to offer equally great experience for the driver’s seat as well, making it one of the finest cars to drive in the midsize luxury sedan segment. At a price of an all new premium hatchback from a mass-oriented car maker, one can have a used BMW 5-Series sedan.
  • The BMW 7-Series sedan might not have garnered immense popularity as that of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. However, when it comes to overall prowess, the 7-Series is as good and tech-packed as the offering from Mercedes-Benz, making it a seriously underrated car in the full size luxury sedan category. It is this reason that one can find well-maintained BMW 7-Series at mouth-watering price points in the used car market.
  • The most affordable car from BMW’s new car lineup, the 1-Series hatchback might not be as spacious and premium as its other siblings. But when you factor in all the hatchbacks of the Philippines car market, the BMW 1-Series finds itself several notches higher in terms of desirability and driving appeal. The used examples of BMW 1-Sereis in the market aren’t cheap, but then, they are available at such prices which can make you think buying a similarly price new regular sedan an avoidable decision.

Second hand BMW Cars Price List Philippines:

  • Second hand BMW 3-Series sedan price: P178,000
  • Second hand BMW 5-Series sedan price: P488,000
  • Second hand BMW 7-Series sedan price: P190,000
  • Second hand BMW 1-Series hatchback price: P650,000 

Other used cars on sale in Philippines:

Apart from the aforementioned names in the list of used cars, there are several other car makers which are present in the new and used car market of Philippines. However, in the used car market, their presence is very much limited and finding good examples of their cars can be a task.

When it comes to mass market players, brands such as Volkswagen, Foton, Peugeot and a range of Chinese players like MG, BAIC, GAC, BYD, Haima, Great Wall and JAC have very scarce presence in the used car market. The presence of more luxurious brands like Audi, Mini, Porsche, Jeep, Jaguar, Land Rover, GMC, Volvo, Lexus, Chrysler, Cadillac and Lincoln is not as strong as that of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, owing to their late arrival in the Philippines car market. The niche carmakers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Rolls Royce have even more limited presence in the used car market, and are as rare as a unicorn in fairy tales.

Do you have some questions about how to buy or sell your next used car? Or perhaps you want some tips on how to finance, insure or maintain your used car? Take a look at our car advice articles that will answer your questions and help you on your journey:

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Second Hand Cars Price List

Used Cars in Philippines Starts at ₱190,000 for model and goes upto ₱11 Million for model Toyota Hilux for Sale.

Model Price List
Toyota Vios for Sale Starts @ ₱190,000 *
Toyota Hilux for Sale Starts @ ₱635,000 *
Toyota Rush for Sale Starts @ ₱700,000 *
Ford Territory for Sale Starts @ ₱350,000 *
Toyota Fortuner for Sale Starts @ ₱540,000 *
Toyota Innova for Sale Starts @ ₱385,000 *
Isuzu D-Max for Sale Starts @ ₱448,000 *
Suzuki Ertiga for Sale Starts @ ₱400,000 *
Ford Mustang for Sale Starts @ ₱2.348 Million*
Hyundai Accent for Sale Starts @ ₱210,000 *
Honda Jazz for Sale Starts @ ₱200,000 *
Kia Stonic for Sale Starts @ ₱795,000 *
Mitsubishi Strada for Sale Starts @ ₱520,000 *
Toyota Hiace for Sale Starts @ ₱252,240 *
Suzuki Jimny for Sale Starts @ ₱360,000 *
Ford Ecosport for Sale Starts @ ₱390,000 *
Geely Okavango for Sale Starts @ ₱950,000 *
Isuzu Traviz for Sale Starts @ ₱850,000 *
Mitsubishi Montero Sport for Sale Starts @ ₱395,000 *
Nissan NP300 Navara for Sale Starts @ ₱720,000 *
Read Less
Second Hand 2010 Jaguar XF

20,000 KM, Gasoline, Prestige

₱1.698 Million View Seller Details
Second Hand 2018 Toyota Innova

7,500 KM, Gasoline, 2.0 G Gas AT

Second Hand 2018 Dodge Durango

200 KM, Gasoline, GT

₱2.95 Million View Seller Details
Second Hand 2018 Toyota Vios

48,000 KM, Gasoline, 1.3L AT

Second Hand 2011 Hyundai Grand Starex

90,000 KM, Diesel, 2.5L Gold CRDi AT

Second Hand 2018 Mitsubishi Strada

55,000 KM, Diesel, 2.4 GLS AT

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List Your Car List Your Car
Second Hand 2019 Nissan Terra

105,000 KM, Diesel, 2.5L 4x2 VL AT

₱1.08 Million View Seller Details
Second Hand 2018 Honda Civic

35,000 KM, Gasoline, V Turbo CVT Honda Sensing

Second Hand 2015 MINI 5 Door

33,180 KM, Gasoline, Cooper S

₱1.5 Million View Seller Details
Second Hand 2012 Toyota Vios

100,000 KM, Gasoline, 1.3L S MT

Second Hand 2019 Toyota Fortuner

55,000 KM, Diesel, 2.4 G Diesel 4x2 AT

₱1.1 Million View Seller Details

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