Old against new: 3rd gen vs. 4th gen Suzuki Jimny

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With purchase reservations for the car lasting more than a year long, it’s an understatement to say that the fourth-generation Suzuki Jimny was a big hit when it arrived in late 2018. It’s worth noting that the new vehicle’s main selling point was not moving forward, but going backward in time. The 2018 Jimny’s retro looks won many car buyers over, and its spectacular off-road capabilities insured that its beauty was more than skin deep.

Suffice to say, the fourth-generation Jimny was worlds apart from its predecessor. But in what ways exactly? We compare the previous-generation Jimny to the current one and identify the changes.


suzuki jimny

New generation means new engine, and under the hood of the new Jimny lies a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder naturally aspirated gas engine good for 101hp and 138Nm of torque—a significant improvement over the 81hp and 110Nm numbers of the old 1.3-liter unit. Aside from being more powerful, the new engine also gives the Jimny a more consistent acceleration and performance that makes it apt for both the urban and natural jungle.

Buyers of the new Jimny get to choose between a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual same as before, but the 4-wheel-drive transfer case goes back to being operated by a simple lever instead of the push button style of the old unit. It seems that the new Jimny takes being retro to heart, not only design-wise, but function-wise as well.


suzuki jimnysuzuki jimny

Of course, the most obvious changes can be found in the sheetmetal, with the new Jimny’s boxy looks instantly piquing a lot of people’s interests. Compared to its predecessor, the new hood lies flatter. The headlights retain their circular shape, though the glass housing is no more. Instead, the lamps—which are now LED—are deep-set inside the black, five-slot grille, seemingly inspired by the H2 Hummer.

suzuki jimnysuzuki jimny

Outback, the all-new Jimny relocates its taillights down into the bumper, which helps clear up the rear so that the backdoor is now wider. The spare tire is still door-mounted, and coupled with the matte black hinges, lets everyone know that this is a genuine off-roader.

Giving the all-new Jimny a utilitarian look are its blacked-out front and rear bumpers and overfenders. The matte black treatment also extends to the roof for those who opt for a two-tone look.


suzuki jimnysuzuki jimny

Up until this latest version, the Suzuki Jimny’s in-car entertainment system leaned on being anti-ergonomic in a way, with many noting the lack of user-friendliness. However, the new Jimny’s dashboard is much-improved, along with a new infotainment system to boot, complete with a color touchscreen interface, smartphone mirroring, and steering wheel-mounted remote controls. Sure, the overall look is retro, but it manages to mix in some modern flourishes in seamless fashion.

The 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system lords over the center console, while a traditional three-knob setup is retained for the climate control system. Another digital display for the vehicle's settings can be found between the two orange-on-black gauges while a grab handle can be found in front of the front passenger seat for its occupant to cling to when the Jimny goes on a rough off-road excursion.


suzuki jimny

While the new Jimny is just the same length as the old one, it’s a fair bit girthier. This translates to a wider cabin, with more elbow room for all occupants. It’s still pretty compact, but at least full-sized adults will feel more comfortable when the vehicle is at full capacity. Granted, legroom is still wanting in the rear cabin and the cargo space at the back is pretty slim when the rear seats are u. Fold the rear seats, however, and there’s a fair amount of storage space, enough for a week’s worth of groceries for a sizable family.

Want to know more about the Suzuki Jimny? Check out more info about the car here on Carmudi.

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