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Estate cars in the Philippines

Mazda 6 Estate

Estate cars or station wagons are vehicles with the body platform of a sedan or saloon with a roof extended backward over its shared passenger cabin. Their cargo area is also accessible via a fifth or third door (for coupes), instead of a usual trunk lid.

This vehicle has multiple configurations of body style from the standard three-box design to a more conventional two box design with its pillars extended up to four levels. The interior of estate cars varies as their rear seats can be folded down to allow more space for either passengers or cargo.

Tips when buying an Estate car

1. Loadspace or Lifestyle

Estate cars of today are known for their loadspace and lifestyle. Some models prioritize one over the other while others keep it balanced. Choose one option to narrow down your search.

2. Diesel or petrol

Know which fuel is better for you. Gasoline is cheaper than diesel, but a diesel engine is known to have better fuel economy and provides more towing power and torque. Gasoline engines are also known to be cleaner, with lower carbon emissions, and quieter than diesel engines.

3. Size and drivetrain

Consider the size of the estate car you are buying. Larger estates offer more space with some offering up to 950 liters cargo room such as the Ford Mondeo estate. The medium estate is the line which has the most number of models. The small estates, on the other hand, only have a handful of models due to the tough competition from MPVs. Some examples are the Mini Clubman and Peugeot 207 SW.

Some estate cars are also known to have 4x4 drivetrains that allow off-road travel and better handling such as the Subaru Legacy.

Audi A4

4. Depreciation

Generally, estate cars are known to depreciate slowly unlike hatchbacks or saloons because of their build and mechanics. Therefore, they have a greater resale value when compared to other cars with identical body types and sizes.

Other examples of Estate cars

The estate car segment has some of the best designed cars in the automotive industry. Among the popular models in the Philippines are: the Mazda 6, Volvo V70 and Audi A4 Allroad Quattro.

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