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New and Used Lexus IS 350 for Sale Philippines

Lexus IS 350 for sale Philippines | Lexus IS 350 price Philippines | Lexus IS 350


The Lexus IS line’s origin dates way back to 1998, when its first generation entered the car market under the badge of Toyota Altezza. In 2006, the second generation models of the IS line were already launched in other countries, and in 2009, the IS entered the Philippine market as part of the lineup of Lexus upon their arrival in Manila. The latest generation of the Lexus IS in the Philippine market – the 2014 model – debuted in 2013, offering two variants which were IS 350 and IS 350 F Sport. The all-new cars sported major facelifts, top-notch materials for the interiors, and impressive performances, challenging the then premium sedan segment leader, the BMW 3-Series.

The IS in IS 350’s nameplate stands for “Intelligent Sport”, offering several features that will make your car-enthusiast heart race. Elegant, sharp, yet sporty – some aesthetic features seem to take after the LFA supercar. Its exterior forms an aggressive personality that will make the on-lookers’ heads turn. But more than aesthetics, under the guise lays a powerful heart and several cutting-edge technologies that will make you think that indeed, we are in the future. If you are interested in a brand new Lexus IS 350 or a 2nd hand Lexus IS 350, then read on to discover all the pros of owning this car.



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Lexus IS 350 Review in the Philippines

Lexus IS 350 Specs and Performance

The new Lexus IS 350 in the Philippine market is available in two variants: the IS 350 and IS 350 F-Sport. Both variants are powered by a 3.5-liter V6 DOHC VVT-I engine linked to an 8-speed Sequential Shift automatic transmission. The powertrain spurts a maximum power of 306hp and a maximum torque of 375Nm. Both variants also have the same front and rear suspension, which are double wishbone and multi-link suspensions respectively. They have different suspension systems, though. The IS 350 variant has a normal suspension system while the F-Sport variant has an Adaptive Variable suspension system.

Lexus IS 350 Fuel Consumption

The following is a list of some popular Lexus IS 350 years and their fuel consumption rates:

New Lexus IS 350 fuel consumption:

  • Lexus IS 350 2016: 22.4 average mpg rating
  • Lexus IS 350 2015: 21.0 average mpg rating
  • Lexus IS 350 2014: 21.2 average mpg rating
  • Lexus IS 350 2013: 24.3 average mpg rating

Second hand Lexus IS 350 fuel consumption:

  • Lexus IS 350 2012: 23.8 average mpg rating
  • Lexus IS 350 2011: 22.4 average mpg rating
  • Lexus IS 350 2010: 20.7 average mpg rating
  • Lexus IS 350 2009: 22.8 average mpg rating


Lexus IS 350 Features

Lexus IS 350 Convenience and Entertainment Features

Some prefer to do all the work, while others prefer a comfortable, entertaining, and easy drive. For those who prefer the latter, you will be glad to know that the Lexus IS 350 is equipped with convenient features such as an electronic tilt and telescopic steering column with paddle shifter, a Bluetooth capability, and an 8-way with memory driver front seat adjuster and 8-way passenger front seat adjuster. Other convenient and entertainment features include:

  • Smart Entry with Start/Stop Button
  • Cruise Control
  • Eco/Normal/Sport/Sport S+ Drive Modes
  • Steering Wheel with Multifunction Switches
  • Remote Touch Interface
  • 8 Speaker Audio


Lexus IS 350 Safety Features

Both variants of the Lexus IS 350 Philippines are equipped with several features focused on your safety. Upon the undesirable happenstance of an accident, there are pre-installed passive and active equipment to help minimize the damages and to prevent these accidents from happening altogether. The cars are equipped with 8 SRS airbags to reduce collision impact, as well as security alarms with engine immobilizer system. Some other notable safety features are:

  • Hill Start Assist
  • Anti-Lock Brake System
  • Vehicle Stability Control
  • Traction Control
  • Child Lock Protection
  • Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management


Lexus IS 350 Design

Lexus IS 350 Interior

Hold up! If you’re excited to immediately drive this hunk upon popping the doors, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Don’t worry; it’s nothing drastic. You might just get distracted from the cabin design that will blow you away by its luxurious and premium feel. The cabin of the F-Sport especially, since aside from its sporty exterior, its athletic style is also evident inside. From the smooth leather seats and wood and aluminum trims, every inch of its interior is designed to complement each other for a luxurious driving experience you deserve. Other interior features include:

  • 4.2-Inch Multi-Information Display
  • Leather Steering Wheel
  • Electronic Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror
  • Rear Armrest with 2 Cupholders
  • Seat Air Conditioner


Lexus IS 350 Exterior

No matter what the variant is, this athletic car is a head-turner. There are distinct differences when you compare the two variants – aside from the name, of course. From the front grille alone, you’ll be able to distinguish the two apart, as the standard IS 350 features a spindle grille and the top-spec F-Sport, a honeycomb spindle grille. Their wheels also differ, since the F-Sport has unique alloy wheels with a Y-spoke design – well, not really unique since it’s made famous by Lexus’ LFA supercar. The IS’ lights are also distinctly Lexus. Where else would you find L-shaped daytime running lights that are independently positioned from the headlights, if not from Lexus? Other notable features are:

  • Head Lamps HID and LED
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • LED Tail lamps with Fog Lamps
  • Rear Fog Lamps
  • Tilt & Slide Moon Roof
  • Chrome Tail Pipe Diffuser


Lexus IS 350 Color Options

Rejoice! There are 8 colors available for the whole Lexus IS 350 Philippines line. Aside from the colors exclusive only to the F-Sport variant which are White Nova Glass Fake and Heat Blue Contrast Layering, these are the other available colors to choose from:

  • Black
  • Starlight Black Glass Flake
  • Mercury Gray Mica
  • Platinum Silver Metallic
  • Sonic Titanium
  • Red Mica Crystal Shine


Lexus IS 350 Price List in the Philippines

Below are the prices for new or 2nd hand Lexus IS 350 for sale in the Philippine market throughout the years:

New Lexus IS 350 Price in the Philippines

  • Lexus IS 350 2016 price in the Philippines: P2,598,000-P3,108,000
  • Lexus IS 350 2015 price in the Philippines: P2,598,000-P3,108,000
  • Lexus IS 350 2014 price in the Philippines: P2,548,000-P3,058,000
  • Lexus IS 350 2013 price in the Philippines: P2,548,000-P3,058,000


Second Hand Lexus IS 350 Price in the Philippines

  • Lexus IS 350 2015 price in the Philippines: P2,345,000-P2,595,000
  • Lexus IS 350 2014 price in the Philippines: P2,400,000
  • Lexus IS 350 2013 price in the Philippines: P2,200,000-P2,345,000
  • Lexus IS 350 2010 price in the Philippines: P2,500,000


Lexus IS 350 latest offers in the Philippines


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