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New and Used Cars for sale in the Philippines

Toyota Vios for sale | Black Toyota Vios


Cars and automobiles are a necessary cog in a country’s overall transportation system. Every day, people and products are transported to various destinations via our four-wheeled friends. On a personal level, cars can be a source of convenience and even indicate one's social status. Either way, the types of vehicle that run on the streets of any country are reflective of its people’s culture and priorities. The Philippines is one of today’s fastest-developing economies, and the local car industry reflects this fact. Yearly sales averaging around 200,000 units per year. Some of the country’s most popular vehicles include sedans, SUVs, pickups and multi-purpose vehicles. Some 24 automotive companies are firmly established in the country with the popular Japanese car manufacturers such as ToyotaMitsubishiIsuzuNissanMazda and Honda dominating the majority of automotive sales. Other well-known auto companies include the American manufacturers Chevrolet and Ford, Korea’s Hyundai, and Germany’s Audi. High-end cars such as BMWMercedes-BenzPorsche and Jaguar are also beloved by many Filipino car enthusiasts. The country is also home to some car manufacturers’ assembly plants where most cars are produced for the local market. In effect, the prices of locally assembled cars are cheaper than those that are imported into the country.


Popular New and Used Cars in the Philippines

Toyota for sale in the Philippines

Toyota for sale in the Philippines- Toyota Motors Philippines is the biggest automotive company in the country and the market leader in terms of sales and vehicle lineup. The Toyota network in the Philippines is composed of 43 dealerships nationwide, and has 18 vehicle models under its list.

  • Toyota Innova- the Toyota Innova is a compact multi-purpose vehicle that’s less than 4,600 mm (181.1 in.) in length in accordance with the European size classification system. It has been produced in Indonesia since 2003 as a replacement to the Kijang, and is one of three vehicles that fall under Toyota’s Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle platform.
  • Toyota Vios- the intricate design and spaciousness of the Toyota Vios reflect the passion and car that went into its creation. In every aspect, it is the next-generation compact saloon that ushers in a new era of practical and stylish driving. Truly, the Vios offers the best in simplicity and refinement.
  • Toyota Fortuner- the Toyota Fortuner offers a seamless fusion of ruggedness and elegance. It’s equal parts powerful and soft, exuding strength and beauty at the same time. Those looking for a luxury SUV like no other will do well to own a Toyota Fortuner.

Toyota price list:

Below is an average pricelist of popular Mitsubishi models in the Philippines:

New Toyota Price List Philippines:

Second hand Toyota Price List Philippines:


Mitsubishi for sale in the Philippines

Mitsubishi for sale in the Philippines- Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation is the longest-running automotive company in the country, and it recently celebrated its 50th anniversary last 2013. First called Chrysler Philippines Corporation, the company sells over 16 different models, from passenger sedans such as the Lancer and Mirage G4 to commercial vehicles such as the Adventure and L300. The following are some of Mitsubishi's most popular models in the Philippines:

  • Mitsubishi Adventurethe Adventure is the result of a partnership between Mitsubishi Motors and China Motor Corporation with the goal to create an all-purpose vehicle for the Asian market. As one of the most common AUVs in the Philippines, the Adventure has achieved iconic status and is the go-to vehicle for many business owners looking to transport both passengers and cargo with ease.
  • Mitsubishi Montero Sportthe Montero Sport is a midsize SUV produced by Mitsubishi Motors since 1996, spanning two generations. It goes by other names in the other countries it’s released in, such as the Pajero Sport, Nativa, and Challenger. Whatever the name, the Montero Sport is a gifted mid-SUV with unique styling lines and a contemporary design with plenty of upmarket features.
  • Mitsubishi Miragethe Mirage is a range of cars produced by Mitsubishi from 1978 to 2003 and again in 2012 to the present. The Mirage is a car with an eco-minded conscience, built to be as light and fuel-efficient as possible without sacrificing, praticality, quality, and driving enjoyment.

Mitsubishi price list:

New Mitsubishi Price List Philippines:

Second hand Mitsubishi Price List Philippines:


Honda for sale in the Philippines

Honda for sale in the Philippines- Honda Cars Philippines is the third largest auto manufacturer in the country and has been delivering high quality Honda products and services since 1990. Honda is really good at making small passenger cars that are a lot of fun to drive, but they also have popular vehicles in other segments as well.

  • Honda Civicthe Civic is a perennial favorite among compact sedans, and for good reason. It’s like a having four different cars in one—a sedan, coupe, sports car and fuel-friendly hybrid—each coming with the same award-winning Honda parts, service and reliability. Whether you’re looking for a first car or the best car to own, the Civic should undoubtedly be on your shopping list.
  • Honda CR-Vthe CR-V is an excellent car to own. It may not be perfect, but it has plenty to offer. The CR-V is pretty refined with loads of space, a quiet interior, and a veritable list of safety features. It’s also packed with lots of available tech, perfect for gadget lovers with an active and connected lifestyle.
  • Honda Jazzthe Jazz isn’t particularly sporty, it’s good at plenty of other things. It’s practical, efficient, and reliable, effectively rendering it as a subcompact car that’s tough to beat. The Jazz is a fun and carefree car, and not many cars can live up to these qualities.

Honda cars price list:

New Honda Price List Philippines:

Second hand Honda Price List Philippines:


Hyundai for sale in the Philippines

Hyundai for sale in the Philippines- Hyundai Philippines may be a latecomer in the Philippine automotive industry, but that didn’t stop the company from believing it could make a breakthrough. With firm confidence in its models, Hyundai now sits firmly among the top names in the market.

  • Hyundai Starex -thanks to a dynamic urban design, efficient technologies and robust stability, the Hyundai Starex has become an icon of class and luxury. For sure, it’s one commercial vehicle that’s not to be missed. Its powerful engine, numerous seating capacity and good handling easily makes the Starex one of the best family vans in the market.
  • Hyundai Eonthe Eon is one of Hyundai’s best-selling cars. Launched in 2011, the car is aimed at budget customers looking for a quality car to own. It is one of the best-looking cars in its segment, and that alone makes it worth the money.
  • Hyundai Accentpeople looking for an affordable subcompact with unbeatable performance, style and safety should look no further than the Hyundai Accent. It’s a car that’s definitely worth considering for those shopping for a small affordable hatchback or sedan.

Hyundai price list:

New Hyundai Price List Philippines:

Second hand Hyundai Price List Philippines:


Nissan for sale in the Philippines

Nissan for sale in the Philippines- Nissan Philippines was one of the country’s most popular auto brands in the past, but certain circumstances have caused the brand to lose some of its luster. In the last few years, the company announced that it will reinvigorate its presence in the country, and it looks like it’s making good on this promise with recent releases.

  • Nissan Urvan- the Nissan Urvan is a 4-door passenger van with a seating capacity of eight. It’s highly suitable for passenger transport, featuring an interior that’s designed to maximize functionality and comfort. It’s a popular van model because of its power and cargo room advantage over its competitors.
  • Nissan Navara-  the Navara is a big and beefy pickup that’s perfectly at home with being a workhorse as it is a family car. Represented by a wide range of body types and powertrain options, there’s a Nissan Navara to fit all intents and purposes, from a rugged 4x4 to a sleek city-centric 4x2.
  • Nissan Patrolthe Patrol is a 4x4 SUV that’s been in production since 1951. Originally intended for military use, the Patrol was so successful that many saw its potential in other applications. The vehicle is highly regarded as a tough and utilitarian SUV with a wide market clout. Roving in off-road areas is made easy by this Nissan beast.

Nissan price list:

New Nissan Price List Philippines:

Second hand Nissan Price List Philippines:


Brand New Cars for Sale in the Philippines

According to the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), automobile production accounts for 4 percent of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country which translates to P120 billion pesos in investment. At least half a million Filipino workers are involved in one way or another in the automotive industry. Automobiles that roll fresh out of the production line are among the most in-demand commodities in the country. Car brands such as Isuzu and Mitsubishi have their own assembly plants situated in the country, specifically in the province of Laguna. Among the most sought after upcoming car models for 2015 include: the all-new Ford Everest, the Nissan Navarra and the 5-door variant of the Mini Cooper.


Second Hand Cars for Sale in the Philippines

The Philippines has a large volume of used and 2nd hand hand cars that are sold by local car dealers. Some of the prices of these 2nd hand cars are negotiable, especially for Filipinos who are always happy to apply the culture of “tawad” in their purchases. Some Filipino families also prefer to buy second hand cars to cut costs. Used cars account for the majority of vehicles in the country, with some that are even a couple of decades old. Owning a second hand car in the country is made easier because of a wide selection of car models, some specifically made just for the Philippines like the Asian utility vehicle (AUV), like the Toyota Revo.


Price of New and Used Cars in the Philippines

The following are the average prices of some of the most popular new and used car models in the Philippines:

Brand New Car Prices in the Philippines


Second Hand Car Prices in the Philippines











Find new and second hand cars all around the Philippines:


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