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Sports utility vehicles in the Philippines

Isuzu D-max

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) are vehicles similar to estate cars or station wagons, but are usually on-road/off-road capable because of the inclusion of a four-wheel drive layout. Today’s SUVs have interiors with enough passenger-carrying space, while others are capable of towing, much like pickup trucks.

Traditionally, the size of the original SUV was similar to today’s midsize SUV and only had two doors. Customer demands, however, forced car producers to finally release a four-door version of the vehicles. Some SUVs, however, stuck to the 2-door design such as the Jeep Wrangler.

One of the common characteristic of an SUV is its body-on frame which is very similar to the exterior designs of pickups and light trucks. Some SUVs are also derived from the design of pickup models under the same brand, such as in the case of the Isuzu Alterra which was derived from the design of the Isuzu D-Max pickup.

Different types of SUVs

There are five subcategories in the SUV class depending on its overall size and body length. Most SUVs can accommodate seven people.

Toyota Fortuner

Sub compact crossover 

These are the smallest crossover SUVs that were based on supermini cars of Europe. These are also called mini SUVs (Example: Peugeot 2008).


These are SUVs with smaller engines resulting in better fuel economy when compared to larger SUVs, but at the expense of a smaller cargo and passenger space. They are also called compact SUVs. (Example: Honda CR-V)

Mid Size 

These SUVs are smaller than full size SUVs but larger than crossovers. The term is commonly used in the North American market. (Example: Mazda CX 9)


These have a greater passenger space and cargo area than midsize SUV and are often equipped with better safety features leading to higher safety ratings. (Example: Nissan Patrol)

Extended-length SUV

Nissan Patrol Royal

They have a similar build to full size SUVs but are made a little bigger, to make way for more cargo space and seat up to nine people. (Example: GMC Yukon)

Best selling SUVs

The SUV segment is perhaps the most contested vehicle division in the Philippines. Two of the most sold vehicle in 2013 were SUVs: the Mitsubishi Montero which placed second and Toyota Fortuner which settled at fourth. Both models sold more than 9,000 brand new units that year alone.

Price range of SUVs

One of the cheapest SUVs in the market is the Hyundai Tucson whose brand new unit costs P1,058,000. One of the most expensive SUVs is the Lexus GX 460 which has a heart-thumping P5,238,000 price tag.

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