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Suzuki landy for sale

Suzuki Landy For Sale in the Philippines 2017

Suzuki Landy Review Philippines

One could easily think that there are very few choices when it comes to multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), as car manufacturers tend to prioritize optimizing their crossover SUV and subcompact hatchback offerings. However, Suzuki has one car that you use. The Suzuki Landy, also known as a Suzuki Every, is a top-quality MPV that offers versatility for families who are looking for more than a conventional car.

Suzuki Landy 2016 Review in the Philippines

Suzuki Philippines didn’t include the Landy in its lineup, as the company already has the APV catering to the MPV market. Therefore, finding a brand new Suzuki Landy unit means that you would have to import one from abroad. However, there is good news for thrifty car buyers, as a burgeoning market for used Suzuki Landy units is steadily emerging. The car’s seating capacity and vehicle specs are two of the biggest factors that convince buyers to cash in.

Top Facts that will Make You Fall for the Suzuki Landy

Suzuki Landy History

The Suzuki Landy is essentially a rebadged Nissan Serena. The Serena was first introduced in 1997 as a top-of-the-line family wagon that could accommodate up to eight people.

The first models of the Suzuki Landy were closely connected to the original Serena design. Following the tried-and-tested formula of the Serena, the Landy managed to stand on its own in the highly competitive MPV segment abroad. Even as Nissan ceased production of the Serena in 2008, the Landy did enough to attract attention in the used car market.

Suzuki Landy Specs and Performance

The Suzuki Landy uses a 2.5L in-gasoline DOHC engine that produces 160bhp@5600rpm and 245Nm@4000rpm. The car uses a 4-speed automatic transmission. The other components of the car’s drivetrain include an independent MacPherson strut front suspension, rigid axle torsion beams for the rear suspension, vented front brake discs, drum rear brake discs, 205/65 R15 tires and 15” alloy wheels. Various Suzuki Landy reviews by foreign motoring journalists gave the Landy a nod with regard to efficiency, economical operations, and carrying capacity. However, these specialists also mentioned that owning a Landy doesn’t equate to fun times behind the wheel. You buy a Suzuki Landy because of its practical advantages.

Suzuki Landy Dimensions

Suzuki Landy length (mm) 4731

Suzuki Landy width (mm) 1695

Suzuki Landy height (mm) 1825

Suzuki Landy Weight (kg) 1602

Suzuki Landy Ground Clearance (mm) 135

Suzuki Landy Wheelbase (mm) 2695

Suzuki Landy Fuel Consumption

The Suzuki Landy’s fuel efficiency rating is in the lower bracket of the MPV segment, but these rates are sufficient for drivers who are concerned with fuel conservation. With the seating capacity and features that come with the Suzuki Landy, the low fuel economy rates can be overlooked. The following are fuel consumption rates for popular Suzuki Landy models:

For older Suzuki Landy models such as:

  • Suzuki Landy 2010: 15.6km/L
  • Suzuki Landy 2009: 12-13km/L
  • Suzuki Landy 2008: 12-13km/L

Suzuki Landy Design

The Suzuki Landy is a boxy minivan that hasn’t really changed in design ever since it was introduced. Suzuki has done its share of updating the car with the latest tools and gadgets every now and then, but the very core design of the car remains untouched. This makes the Suzuki Landy a recognizable car that you can easily spot on the road.

Suzuki Landy Exterior

The latest Suzuki Landy models look a tad edgier than their older counterparts, as the nose of the more recent models are immediately cut off, but the design principle remains the same: the Landy looks like a comfortable family vehicle that can easily carry several people. The rectilinear design doesn’t work for everyone, but it gets the job done.

Suzuki Landy Interior

The Suzuki Landy’s interior is a straightforward affair. Depending on the model you purchase, the interior can house five to eight people in a 2-2-2, 2-3-2, or 2-3-3 seating formation. The seats can be folded and adjusted, so you can fit in more luggage if the need arises. Hard plastic is a dominant material in the dashboard, so some may find the interiors a bit cheap. However, the interior provides decent comfort that many families can rely on.

Suzuki Landy Color Options

The Suzuki Landy comes in a variety of colors, since it is imported from other countries. These are the following color options you can expect to choose from:

  • Rose Bronze
  • Imperial Amber
  • Blue Moon White Pearl
  • Diamond Black
  • Coral Orange
  • Brilliant White Pearl
  • Brilliant Silver
  • Shining Blue


Suzuki Landy Safety Features

Suzuki has provided ample security details to ensure the safety of driver and passengers. Here are some of the safety features you can expect to find in a Suzuki Landy unit:

  • Reverse Gear-Activated Camera
  • Hydraulic Steering
  • Disc Rear Brakes
  • Ventilated Front Brakes
  • Antilock Braking System


Suzuki Landy Safety Ratings

The Suzuki Landy garnered high scores from the Japanese car safety authority Japan New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP). The Suzuki Landy garnered six out of six stars in terms of protecting both the driver and front passenger.

Suzuki Landy Features: The Highlights

The Suzuki Landy’s greatest advantage over other MPVs in the local market is its superb interior space. The passenger capacity and flexibility to carry more luggage is a great asset not many MPVs can replicate. Moreover, the responsive steering and impeccable handling of the Landy make up for its engine’s lack of power. Moreover, the large windows and rearview camera help when parking.

Suzuki Landy Accessories

There are various Suzuki Landy accessories that you can install to transform your car’s performance, function, and visual appeal. Since the Landy never made landfall in the Philippine automotive market, you would need to exert more effort to procure high-quality accessories for the Landy.

Here are the following parts and accessories you can install on the Suzuki Landy:

  • Floor Mats
  • Window Tints
  • Roof Racks
  • Roof Bars
  • Wind Deflectors


Suzuki Landy Compared to Other MPVs in the Philippines

The MPV segment is a tough environment for less famous cars to compete in, and this is especially true for the Suzuki Landy. Since the it is not sold locally, there is a high chance that the Suzuki Landy is being sold in the country as a used unit. This gives the Landy a handicap as it faces newer units from other manufacturers.

  • Suzuki Landy vs. Toyota AvanzaThe Avanza is a better drive and is more maneuverable, but the seating capacity and visibility offered by the Landy is something to take note of.
  • Suzuki Landy vs. Honda MobilioThe Mobilio boasts a more powerful engine with class-leading fuel economy rates, but the sheer seating capacity and affordability of the Landy give it an edge.
  • Suzuki Landy vs. Suzuki APVThe biggest asset of the APV over the Landy is the fact that you can get a new car with roughly the same ability, but the cheaper purchasing rate and its passenger and luggage space give the Landy an advantage.

Best Reasons to Buy a Suzuki Landy


If you are looking for an everyday vehicle that is economical to run and spacious enough for your passengers and cargo, then the Landy is the perfect vehicle for you. The spacious interior, decent engine performance, and reliable steering and handling make it one of the best used vehicles to own. Some aspects that really make the Landy standout are:

  • Very affordable
  • Great handling
  • Terrific passenger capacity, and flexible seating arrangements
  • A beautiful, boxy vehicle


One of the biggest hurdles future Suzuki Landy owners have to accept is the likelihood of their new car being used. Replacement parts will also be hard to procure, since the Landy is a rare nugget on Filipino roads.

Where can I Buy a Suzuki Landy in the Philippines?

There are no Suzuki authorized dealers in the Philippines that sell new Suzuki Landy units, since the car was never introduced to the Philippine MPV segment. However, there are many second hand Suzuki Landy dealers all over the country that import these units from the various countries where the car is circulated.

To find a Suzuki Landy near you:


Second Hand Suzuki Landy Price List at Carmudi Philippines

There are no new Suzuki Landy units sold on Philippine soil, so many of the Landy units for sale in the Philippines are pre-owned. However, there is a broad market for used Suzuki Landy units in the Philippines. Some of them are can be found at Carmudi Philippines’ listings. Browse through the lists, and you will find the perfect 2nd hand Suzuki Landy unit that suits your budget and preferences.

  • Suzuki Landy Minivan 2014 price in the Philippines: PHP 290,000
  • Suzuki Landy Minivan 2015 price in the Philippines: PHP 295,000
  • Suzuki Landy 2008 price in the Philippines: PHP 270,000
  • Suzuki Landy 2010 price in the Philippines: PHP 210,000


Suzuki Landy Latest Offers in the Philippines

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