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New and Used Nissan Cube for Sale Philippines 2017

Nissan Cube for sale Philippines | Nissan Cube price Philippines | Grey Nissan Cube

There is something about the Nissan Cube. Whimsical (in a quirky, sort of utilitarian, sci-fi kind of way), we really can’t pigeonhole it in one neat category – simply because we can't really define it in just one word. One look at its asymmetric rear windows and swing-open rear doors and you have this weird feeling about it – like there’s more to it than meets the eye. And it does look cutely strange. This car reminds you of a mini-station wagon that sort of shrunk overnight and became a normal, compact SUV on the road. And it is this indefinite quality that adds to this car’s unique, peculiarly off-beat charm.

Here’s what we’re definitely sure about: the Nissan Cube is in a class of its own. And if you're the type of person who loves to be radical, edgy, different, and cool, then the Cube should definitely be your car of choice. This mini MPV was created by the Japanese carmaker Nissan, and has been around since 1998. It was initially sold in Japan, and then expanded to North America and Europe in 2009. However, Nissan stopped selling the Cube in Europe after two years, and is now exclusively sold in Japanese Nissan dealerships and has been called the Nissan Red Stage since 2014.

Don’t be fooled by its size. This car has had more awards than its small body can possibly handle. Awards like: Top 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000 (2009, Kelley Blue Book), Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) (2010, IIHS), 2010 Automobile Design of the Year Award, Top 10 Road Trip Cars (2010, Kelley Blue Book), 2010 AAA Top vehicle picks for dog owners, and Best in Class Vehicle Satisfaction Award (2010, Auto Pacific) will make you think twice about underestimating this car ever again. A Nissan Cube Philippines will arouse interest no matter where you go. The Nissan Cube may be one in a million, but it does have features that rival with some of the cars popular today, such as the Kia Soul, and Mini Cooper.



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Nissan Cube overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
3.9 stars


Nissan Cube Review in the Philippines

Nissan Cube Specs and Performance

The Nissan Cube Philippines does a standard job when it comes to performance. Keep in mind that this car is an economy-class hatchback and not a sports car with extreme turbocharged engines, so don’t expect it to zip around the road like there’s no tomorrow. This sub-compact SUV model comes with a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine with 127 hp and 127 lb-ft. of torque. It features a manual based 6 speed transmission, with an added option of a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission). Its strength lies in its responsive suspension that makes for a comfortable riding on city roads, and its small and compact size really shines through when you need to park your car in tight spaces and alleys around the Metro.

Nissan Cube Fuel Consumption

This car has below-average fuel efficiency rating compared to other small cars, so you might have to think twice if fuel economy is what you’re going for. But really – it’s a small price to pay if you want to make a unique statement on the road, isn’t it?

Below is a list of some popular Nissan Cube years and their fuel consumption rates: 

New Nissan Cube fuel consumption:

  • Nissan Cube 2014: 8.2 l/100km 
  • Nissan Cube 2013: 8.5 l/100km 
  • Nissan Cube 2012: 7.9 l/100km 
  • Nissan Cube 2011: 8.7 l/100km 

Second hand Nissan Cube fuel consumption:

  • Nissan Cube 2010: 7.6 l/100km 
  • Nissan Cube 2009: 8.6 l/100km
  • Nissan Cube 2008: 8.6 l/100km
  • Nissan Cube 2007: 8.0 l/100km


Nissan Cube Features

Nissan Cube Convenience and Entertainment Features

This Cube may have a small interior space when the rear seats are in their positions, but fold them down and the storage space increases from 11 cubic feet to 58 cubic feet. Not bad for a small car. Also, the large windows allow you to have an excellent view of the outside, so you can have a great experience taking that relaxed Sunday drive on the road that leads to a picturesque landscape any time of the day

  • Cruise Control
  • Interior air filtration
  • Electric power steering
  • Tilt-adjustable steering wheel
  • Audi & Navigation systems
  • AM/FM/USB/ Media Control


Nissan Cube Safety Features

Can a quirky car be safe? Of course it can — just drive a Nissan Cube and see for yourself.

  • Rear view monitor
  • 4-wheel ABS
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Auto delay off headlamps
  • Engine immobilizer
  • Door child safety locks


Nissan Cube Design

Nissan Cube Interior

Surprisingly, the Nissan Cube makes for a comfortable ride and roomy cabin. It's a great compact SUV that shines on the road and around town, displaying skillful road manners and impressive maneuverability.

  • "Water Drop" Interior Accents
  • Detachable Multi-Hooks
  • Foldable rear seats
  • Asymmetrical Cabin
  • Large windows
  • Bucket front seats


Nissan Cube Exterior

We think we’ve said enough about the Cube’s appearance, so we won’t go there again. However, don’t assume that it’s the only thing this vehicle offers. The Nissan Cube, when compared to other mainstream cars in the market today, has a lot of features that are truly quite impressive for a small car, with features that include the following:

  • Blacked-out D-pillar
  • Accentuated LED lighting
  • Rear defogger
  • Privacy glass
  • All season tires
  • Cargo tie downs


 Nissan Cube Color Options

Can’t get enough of its shape? Maybe you also won’t get enough of its colors:

  • Bali Blue
  • Caspian Sea
  • Brilliant Silver
  • Cayenne Red
  • Sapphire Slate
  • Gun Metallic


Nissan Cube Price List in the Philippines

This compact hatchback emphasizes value and ingenuity, and it really lives up to its name, since it really does look like a curvy cube at almost all angles. It has the same pricing as that of a compact car, and even if a brand new Nissan Cube is not available in the Philippines, there are still plenty of 2nd hand Nissan Cube for sale in the Philippines. Here are the Nissan Cube’s prices found on the Carmudi site:

New Nissan Cube Price in the Philippines

  • Nissan Cube 2014 price in the Philippines: P400,000
  • Nissan Cube 2013 price in the Philippines: P350,000
  • Nissan Cube 2012 price in the Philippines: P290,00
  • Nissan Cube 2011 price in the Philippines: P250,00


Second Hand Nissan Cube Price in the Philippines

  • Nissan Cube 2009 price in the Philippines: P200,000
  • Nissan Cube 2008 price in the Philippines: P240,000


Nissan Cube latest offers in the Philippines


Know more about Nissan Cube price list in the Philippines

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